STM Launches Supply Ecosystem Platform 'STM STEP'


STM Defense Technologies and Engineering Inc. has signed a new study for suppliers and business partners. Aiming to grow together with the business ecosystem, STM implemented the Supply Ecosystem Platform “STM STEP” in order to achieve common successes and new collaborations.

Suppliers will become stronger with STM

Developing innovative and national solutions in many fields from military naval platforms to tactical mini UAV systems, from cyber security to command and control projects, STM aims to meet with its suppliers in all these fields of activity at STM STEP. In STM STEP, where both existing and new suppliers can be included according to their talent inventories, a supplier lifecycle management process has been designed in which the performance and development processes of the suppliers can be monitored and support can be provided when necessary. STM's expert employees will provide consultancy to individual suppliers in this process and play an active role in eliminating the deficiencies of the suppliers and creating a road map. With STM STEP; Processes such as receiving offers, orders, production and delivery will also be tracked on the platform in the following stages.

Domestic Ecosystem exported with STM

STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz stated that they took a new step with STEP and said:

“With over 1000 suppliers and business partners, we continue to implement innovative systems in line with national targets; We aim to grow together by sharing our competencies and capabilities with our business ecosystem. In all our activities, our priority is to become stronger with collaborations; To be an intermediary for them to grow and become exportable by carrying our solutions that we developed together with our domestic companies abroad. In this context, we have cooperated with approximately 300 system providers and more than 400 construction material manufacturers and suppliers in the military naval platform construction and modernization projects we have carried out in Turkey and abroad. For example; In the Logistics Support Ship project we designed and delivered to the Pakistan Navy, and in the export of Turkey's first mini-strike UAV, KARGU, to two different continents, we have been instrumental in the indirect exportation of more than 50 companies. We exported the domestic and national systems of our companies in Turkey's first submarine modernization export Pakistan AGOSTA90B Class modernization, for which we were the main contractor.”

“We Signed National Projects Together”

Noting that he has achieved many successes with the domestic ecosystem, Güleryüz continued as follows:

“We are in the process of indigenization, from military naval platforms to tactical mini-uav systems. Like MİLGEM, we have succeeded in carrying our country's pride project to the level of locality that reaches 70 percent. Similarly, we will deliver MİLGEM-5 (TCG İSTANBUL), which will be Turkey's first national frigate, next year with a localization rate of at least 75 percent. This year, STM was the main contractor to our country. kazanWe have completed our Test and Training Ship, TCG UFUK (A-591), with the contribution of 194 local companies. In the New Type Submarine Project (YTDP), which will be the most modern war submarine in Turkey, we produced the "Section50", the head part of the submarine torpedo tubes that only a limited number of countries in the world can produce, by providing engineering services, for the first time in Turkey, in Gürdesan, with domestic facilities. Thanks to our identity and experience as an integrator in cyber security, we have collaborated with the domestic cyber security ecosystem for turnkey, integrated cyber security solutions. In order to support the ecosystem, we cooperate with Development Agencies, and we diversify the areas where we can move forward together with our domestic producers.”

Localization moves will accelerate with STEP

Smiling face, "STM STEPwill work in integration with EYDEP, the program of our Defense Industry Presidency. All EYDEP member suppliers will be able to become direct members of STEP. With STEP, which will accelerate localization moves in critical systems, our suppliers will also achieve high value-added success in exports. I invite our valuable organizations and suppliers who want to be our suppliers to join STM STEP. Become a partner in our competition with the biggest in the world by exporting the national experience we have developed locally to friendly and brotherly countries.”