Saudi Arabia Wants to Produce Turkish UAVs Locally


According to the information published by “Tactical Report” on August 2, 2022, King Abdulaziz Science and Technology Agency (KACST) is in talks with Baykar Technology to develop different types of UAVs. In this context, UAVs are planned to be developed in Saudi Arabia.

As quoted by Army Recognition, Saudi Arabia has for several years started a program to modernize its defense industry to develop different types of military equipment in the land, air and sea sectors. According to experts, Saudi Arabia wants to meet more than 2030 percent of its military equipment expenditures with domestic production by 50.

It is stated that Saudi Arabia has already started to develop less complex products such as spare parts, armored vehicles and basic ammunition. In this context, it is reported that the government has started to make the necessary investments. In addition, between 6-9 March 2022, Saudi Arabia held its first defense fair. At the World Defense Show held near Riyadh, local and international defense companies from around the world showcased their latest defense technology solutions alongside future-oriented conferences and training seminars.