Rain and Cool Weather Warning to Istanbul! Here is the Latest Weather

Rain and Cool Weather Alert for Istanbul Here is the Latest Weather
Hail and Torrential Precipitation Warning from AKOM for Istanbul

As of this evening, Istanbul is under the influence of the rainy weather expected for days. İBB and İSKİ teams completed their preparations against the risk of flooding and flooding, which may be caused by the cool and occasionally heavy rainy weather, which is expected to be effective until Friday evening (Wednesday).

According to İBB AKOM data; The expected rain for days is coming from this evening. As of noon (24:14) on Wednesday, August 00 (Today), cool and rainy weather is expected to be effective throughout the Marmara Region, especially in Istanbul. It is predicted that there will be strong, thunderstorms and heavy rain in places throughout Istanbul, and the cool and rainy weather will continue until the evening hours on Friday.

Precipitation expected to be effective regionally in a short time period (30-60 minutes); It is predicted that lightning, lightning and strong winds will accompany, and the temperatures felt at 37 degrees will decrease below 30 degrees.

İBB and İSKİ teams; ponding on the roads, flooding in areas below the elevation level, and rains that may pose a risk of flooding in the streams became alarmed. Pollutants such as garbage and bags in the battlements on the streets were checked and cleaned one by one.

Within the scope of the studies coordinated by AKOM; In underpasses below the level (Unkapanı, Eminönü, etc.), in the squares by the sea (Üsküdar, Beşiktaş, Eminönü, Kadıköy etc.) and the team and vehicle were deployed for emergency response at critical points at risk of flooding.

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