Publishing Summer School Started in Konya

Publishing Summer School Started in Konya
Publishing Summer School Started in Konya

The Publishing Summer School, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Necmettin Erbakan University, started in Konya. The program, in which young people from Konya and outside of Konya who want to continue their professional life in the publishing sector, will take place for one week.

Organized by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Social Innovation Agency, the Publishing Summer School aims to train professionals for the publishing industry and to develop the skills of young people by making them a part of their career planning.


Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Publishing Summer School, Ali Odabaş, General Manager of Libraries and Publications at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said, “More than 64 participants from our 400 cities applied. It took a great deal of effort to select them. I hope that the young people who will attend as trainees will also think when they leave here, 'I am glad we have been involved in such a study'. From now on, while continuing their professional life, they will improve themselves in the publishing sector with the knowledge they have gained here and contribute to the publishing adventure of the country. I would like to thank everyone who contributed." said.


NEU Rector Prof. Dr. Cem Zorlu said, “We are happy that Turkey's first Publishing Summer School was held. We, as university publishing, have taken important steps in this lane, where we, as Turkey, have achieved significant success by being among the top 10 in the world in the publishing industry. By establishing the scientific publications coordinatorship for the first time in Turkey, we gathered scientific publications under a single roof within our university. We are delighted to be a part of the Publishing Summer School. We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Konya Metropolitan Municipality for organizing this beautiful organization. I hope that Konya will become a center in terms of publishing in the coming years and that this summer school will be repeated in Konya.” he said.


Mustafa Uzbaş, Deputy Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We are aware of the gems that young people have and the beauties in their hearts. Each of our young people is the key to bringing our country to a better future with the education they receive, their high morals and responsibility. We continue to be with our youth at every opportunity with all the opportunities we have, and we try to support our youth with all our might. In this sense, our Social Innovation Agency has carried out many good works so far. Today, a very beautiful and beneficial project is being implemented to prepare our young people for their future in the best way possible. Our country, which is one of the most important publishing markets in the world, will become a much more successful country in the publishing sector with our qualified young people who will grow up here.” made the statement.

Young people who want to continue their professional lives in the publishing sector from all over Turkey, especially in Konya and its surroundings, attend the Publishing Summer School, which will continue until August 28.

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