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Kalkan is one of the holiday resorts that is a favorite holiday destination for many local and foreign tourists every summer. It is connected to the Kas district of Antalya, one of the favorite cities of the Mediterranean region. With its historical structures and natural beauties, it is a frequent destination for many people every year. At the same time, the presence of the sea makes Kalkan a great holiday destination.

Since it is a popular holiday destination, it is wondered how to get to Kalkan, places to visit and places to stay in Kalkan. Getting to Kalkan is quite easy. You can reach Kalkan either by using public transportation, by your private vehicle or by airport transfer. You can easily reach Kalkan by bus and minibus departing from Kaş. So what to do in Kalkan, where to stay and where to visit? The answer to all these questions is in our article.

Where is the Shield?

Today, Kalkan is a popular holiday resort preferred by many local and foreign tourists. Those who consider Kalkan for the first time for their holiday plan “Where is the shield attached to?" is asking the question. Kalkan is connected to the Kas district of Antalya. Antalya Kas Kalkan is among the most visited holiday destinations in Turkey. Just across Kalkan, which is to the west of Antalya, is the Greek island of Meis. Kalkan is located between Fethiye district of Muğla and Antalya.

Places to Visit in Kalkan

The town of Kalkan, which fascinates people with both its natural beauties and historical buildings, welcomes thousands of visitors every year. With its famous beaches and sea, it is a perfect option for a summer holiday. Here are the must-see spots when you go to Kalkan:

  • Kaputas Beach
  • Kalkan Public Beach
  • Patara Beach
  • Xanthos Ancient City
  • Letoon Ancient City
  • Pirha Ancient City
  • Patara Ancient City
  • Gombe Plateau
  • Güvercinlik Sea Cave
  • İnbaş Cave
  • Blue Cave
  • Firnaz Bay

Of course, you may want to gather your energy while visiting beautiful places. At this point, without looking for places where you can go for a sweet lunch break, you can find a few Kalkan restaurant advice:

  • Eggplant
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Botanical Garden Bar
  • Cafe Leon
  • Salonika 1881
  • Lipsos Restaurant
  • Old town cafe
  • Gourmet Terrace Restaurant

For your most peaceful breaks, you can choose Kalkan's dream-filled cafes and restaurants.

Kalkan Beaches

Kalkan, which is one of the most preferred holiday resorts during the summer holidays, is famous for its beaches. You will want the summer pleasure to never end in Kalkan, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists on its beaches every summer. Here is the most beautiful Kalkan beaches:

  • Kaputas Beach: Kaputaş Beach It is on the coastal road between Kalkan and Kaş. It fascinates people with its sea of ​​tempting turquoise color and a cold water that will make you forget the summer heat. A spring water flowing from the same region has merged with Kaputaş beach by filtering through the sands.
  • Kalkan Public Beach: Kalkan Public Beach with its extremely clear and fascinating turquoise color is located in the very center of Kalkan. The water is always clear at the Public Beach, which is a pebbly beach without much sand.
  • Patara Beach: This beach, which is close to the ancient city of Patara, is one of the biggest beaches of Kalkan. Windsurfing is possible here as it is located in a windy area. The Caretta Caretta turtles and sand dunes here have made Patara Beach one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Access to these beaches, which you should never leave Kalkan without seeing their beauty, is also very easy. If you want to spend your holiday in Kalkan, these beaches will keep you at sea all day!

Kalkan Bays

Speaking of Kalkan's famous beaches, it is impossible to pass without mentioning Fırnaz Bay, which is known for its mud. Fırnaz Bay, which you can reach with boat tours, is famous for its mud, which is known to have a skin-tightening effect. You can enjoy swimming in clear waters after getting covered in mud in Fırnaz Bay.

Kalkan Historical Places

In addition to being a holiday resort known for its beaches, Kalkan also contains the most important historical structures that must be seen. There are very important historical heritages in Kalkan, where the Lycian Civilization lived about 3000 years ago.

  • Xanthos Ancient City: This city, bearing the traces of the Lycian civilization, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988. You can see many historical tombs and structures in Xanthos Ancient City. The Xanthos sarcophagi found here date back to ca. It was built in the 7th century.
  • Letoon Ancient City: Temples and monasteries belonging to many gods and goddesses whose names we have heard from Greek mythology are located in Letoon Ancient City. Since there is not much distance between them and Xanthos Ancient City, you can easily visit these ancient cities in a single day.
  • Patara Ancient City: This city is known for being the capital of Lycia and for the living of St. Nicholas, that is, Santa Claus. The world-famous Patara Beach is also located here.

shield center These structures, which you can easily access via the road, are among the historical beauties that you must see.

Kalkan Natural Beauties

There are also many natural beauties that you can visit and see in Kalkan, which fascinates its visitors with its historical and touristic places.

  • Blue Cave: This cave, which is divided into two parts as inner and outer galleries, takes its name from the blue light entering from the corridors located on the outer part. The interior galleries are completely dark.
  • Güvercinlik Sea Cave: Located 2 km from Kalkan, this cave is behind İnce Burun. It is known as the wild pigeon's nest. An underground stream runs through the cave and mixes afterward.
  • İnbaş Cave: This cave, which you can reach with boat tours, is one of the highest caves in Kalkan.
  • Gömbe Plateau: Gömbe Plateau, which is a perfect escape point for those who are overwhelmed by the heat of Antalya, is located 1200 meters above the sea. At the same time Kalkan Lake Many lakes known as Gombe Plateau are located in Gombe Plateau.

Apart from these natural beauties Kalkan RiverIt is an excellent area for those who want to do river canoeing.

Kalkan Holiday Expenses

When it comes to holidays, apart from the places to visit and the activities to be done, the holiday expenses can be very tiring. So, how are the holiday expenses in Kalkan, one of the favorite holiday resorts of Antalya? For those who will spend a holiday in Kalkan, there are priority accommodation options. Instead of chain hotels, there are hostels, apartments and boutique hotels in Kalkan. In addition to these options, there are also villas for rent in Kalkan. If you are going as a large family or want to have your own private place, Villa for rent in Kalkan The option may be just for you.

Apart from this, if you want to go to Kalkan beaches, there is a certain entrance fee. For example, 40 TL entrance fee is required for Kalkan Public Beach. Admission to Kaputaş Beach is free, but sunbeds and umbrellas are rented for 40 TL. Likewise, there are entrance fees for the Ancient Cities of Kalkan. However, you can get a Museum Card for historical buildings and easily visit them for free with your card.

Kalkan Accommodation Prices

When it comes to accommodation in holiday resorts, unfortunately, a certain budget needs to be considered. Kalkan hotel deals It starts from 1.000 TL per night for two people. Kalkan villa prices varies considerably depending on the location and size of the villa. We can say that the prices of a one-week villa for 2 people start from 7.000 TL.

Kalkan Rental Villas

There are hostel and camping options for those who want to stay in Kalkan, but without a doubt, you can enjoy your holiday in private villas! Kalkan villas for rent It is the most preferred accommodation option due to both its comfort and the fact that you have a private space for yourself. At the same time, there are also conservative villa options in Kalkan.

Villa for rent in Kalkan If you want to choose your own, we can say that besides having your own private pool, there are also villas with jacuzzi and sauna. Of course, the first thing to wonder here Kalkan villa prices It is. Kalkan holiday villas There are options starting from 7.000 TL per week.

What is Kalkan Conservative Villa?

Kalkan conservative villa varieties ensure that your space is completely unique to you. The pools in conservative villas were closed to the outside by various methods, so contact with other villas in the vicinity was cut off. Conservative villas, where you can move with peace of mind, are also highly preferred for honeymoon.

Furnished Villas in Kalkan

Kalkan villa rental Another question that comes to mind when it is said is the furniture of the villas. Antalya Kalkan villa All villas are furnished. You can see the photos of the villas, which are equipped with comfortable items with a stylish appearance, on the site and make your choice. You have to buy basic foods yourself to meet your food and beverage needs in the villas that have both the pool and the house furnishings.

Is it advantageous to rent a villa in Kalkan?

Before we decide to stay anywhere, we first make sure that it is affordable and a comfortable option for us. If you are thinking of staying in Kalkan, the most frequented spot of Antalya, the first thing you will see is Antalya Kalkan villa rental option will appear.

Kalkan holiday villas, It will be the most comfortable option for your family and yourself. With its own private pool Kalkan villas There are also sauna and jacuzzi options. These villas, where you will have your own space, are also very affordable in terms of pricing. While it is necessary to pay a minimum of 1.000 TL per day for any hostel or boutique hotel. Kalkan villa prices 2022 Starting from 7.000 TL per week. If you are looking for a comfortable place to spend time with your family or friends Kalkan villas option is for you.

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