Ordu's Tourism Attraction Increases With Hot Air Balloons

Ordu's Tourism Attraction Increases With Hot Air Balloons
Ordu's Tourism Attraction Increases With Hot Air Balloons

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Tourism moves initiated by Mehmet Hilmi Güler in order to increase the brand value of the province and to spread tourism over 12 months continue to increase every day. Hot air balloons, which are used in Cappadocia and have become almost one of the symbols of the region, now fly over the meanders of Ordu.

President Güler, who carried the balloon tourism, which was a first in highland tourism last year and applied in several cities, especially in Cappadocia, to Ordu, continues this year as well. In this context, a test flight was carried out on the meanders in the 1500-altitude Persembe Plateau in the Aybastı district. The hot air balloon made a visual feast by circling over the meanders.


Asım Suyabatmaz, Advisor to the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who stated that the study will make significant contributions to the tourism of the region, said that Aybastı Persembe Plateau is extremely suitable for hot air balloon tourism.

President Advisor Suyabatmaz continued his words as follows:

“Previously, our Honorable President, Dr. One of the most important steps in the tourism move that we started with the instructions of Mehmet Hilmi Güler was the hot air balloon. Our Aybastı Thursday Plateau is extremely convenient for this branch of tourism. You can fly safely with its nature and air. We have now completed our last step at the point of being able to fly tourists. We think that this step will play one of the most important roles in reviving the economy of Ordu and increasing the number of tourists coming.”

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