Macitler Furniture and Modern Furniture Groups

Macitler Furniture and Modern Furniture Groups
Macitler Furniture and Modern Furniture Groups

Making designs in the field of modern furniture and at the same time combining these designs with the Turkish furniture style can be seen as a very difficult skill and job. However, Macitler Furniture, which has developed itself in this field with the designs made by experienced interior architects and architects, exhibits its furniture collections, which emerged from the combination of modern furniture groups with Turkish furniture and Turkish decoration style, in its branches.

Living Room Decoration and Furniture Groups

Living rooms, one of the most important areas of a house, or living rooms, are the most important furniture group of decoration. sofa sets and TV unit models. Generally included in flashy furniture groups.

sofa sets

sofa sets, corner sofas and TV unit models; It should be chosen more carefully and meticulously than other furniture groups and home decoration products.

TV unit

Sofa sets and corner sofas, which are the first furniture models that attract attention when you enter the house, Macitler Furniture It is specially designed and produced by

The seating groups, in which the highest quality fabrics produced from first-class materials are used, are also preparing to take their place in your home decorations with the option of personalized production.

Corner seat Macitler Furniture, which has an elegant understanding in tv unit and tv stand models as well as sofa sets; It also produces different TV unit models by combining many different materials such as wood, real marble and glass.

Special Design and Special Production

Macitler Furniture, designs and productions are completely designed and specially produced by the company. For this reason, you do not have the chance to see any product you buy from Macitler Furniture in another brand or company. In addition, since Macitler is a project-based furniture company in general, it produces the furniture groups you have chosen completely for you.

serdal macit

Macitler Furniture, which works with the best architects and interior architects in the field and has a visionary, experienced company founder in the field of furniture, Serdal Macit was founded by and has become the most well-known modern furniture company in Turkey at the moment, and at the same time, it has won the appreciation of everyone with its furniture-decoration projects abroad.


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