Lying Prone Hernia Cause

Lying Down Cause of Hernia
Lying Prone Hernia Cause

Explaining that lying on his stomach negatively affects the spine, Tolu said, “Sleeping in this position causes the ligaments and muscles around the neck, back and waist to stretch, and an increase in neck and waist folds. Also from spine to nerves

Informing that obese patients with sleep apnea or snoring complaints, lying on their back may cause sudden respiratory arrest, Tolu stated that the sagging soft palate will also block the airway and cause respiratory arrest and decrease the quality of sleep.

Stating that sleeping on the back reduces neck and low back pain, Tolu said, “In cases of severe low back pain, muscle spasm and spinal calcification, supporting the knees and waist curves with a small pillow by lying on the back helps the recovery of low back pain. On the other hand, constantly lying on the back can cause shortening of the hind leg muscles, which can cause low back pain in the future. Especially patients with reflux, asthma and heart failure should lie on their back with a high pillow.” made recommendations.

The way you sleep tells you about your illness.

Drawing attention to the fact that the recommended hospitalization positions should be specific to the person and the diseases, Assoc. Sena Tolu made a statement about the effects of sleep on health.

Associate Professor from Medipol Mega University Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Sena Tolu said, “For a quality and healthy sleep, a special sleeping position should be determined for the person and the disease. The way of sleeping affects the health of organs such as the brain, heart, lungs and stomach, especially the spine health. Different sleeping positions, from sleeping with your prone arms under the pillow to sleeping on your back and constantly turning to the right or left, prepare the ground for problems such as hernia, tendon, tendon compression in the shoulder, sleep apnea, tension, headache, reflux.

Sleep on your side for your heart and spine health

Stating that the most ideal sleeping position for heart and spine health is side-lying, Tolu said, “Lying on the left side and lying in the fetal position with the legs pulled towards the abdomen is the most healthy sleeping position, as it provides an easier return of blood from the body to the heart. For spine health, the side lying position reduces the load on the intervertebral discs. In addition, high blood pressure, reflux, sleep apnea syndrome and pregnant women are recommended to sleep on the left side. It is also beneficial to put a pillow between the legs while lying on the side with the legs slightly pulled towards the abdomen in the fetal position. It is important for heart patients to lie on their right side," he said.

Increase your sleep quality with the right mattress selection

Pointing out that choosing the right mattress as well as the sleeping position affects sleep quality, Tolu continued his words as follows;

“It is not suitable to sleep on a bed that is too hard and too soft. Ideally, it should have a structure that can provide support for the spine of medium stiffness to keep it straight. If you find it difficult to fall asleep due to your pain despite choosing the right mattress and pillow and sleeping in the right sleeping position, if you wake up at night due to pain and wake up with a feeling of stiffness and swelling in your joints in the morning, you should definitely consult a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician.

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