The Logistics Sector Has Predicted Its 20 Billion Dollar Export Target

The Logistics Sector Has A Billion-Dollar Export Target
The Logistics Sector Has Predicted Its 20 Billion Dollar Export Target

Freight transportation and logistics services within the scope of Service Exporters' Association (HIB) evaluated sectoral developments and opportunities to arise in the workshop it organized. The sector, which exported 12,6 billion dollars last year, aims to reach 20 billion dollars of exports with the contribution of the announced state supports.

Service Exporters' Association (HIB) continues its sectoral workshops organized for 10 sub-sectors within its body in order to increase the exports of the services sector and to develop the sectors. In this context, the Association held the 2nd freight transport and logistics services workshop at the Foreign Trade Complex of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). In the meeting where the support provided by the Ministry of Commerce to the freight transportation and logistics services sector in line with the strategy meetings held by HİB, sector representatives came together.

At the meeting; All sectoral issues were discussed, from the reduction in the transport document without producing permanent solutions with temporary professional competence due to the driver problem in the sector, from the importance of the EU Green Transformation Program to the promotion of the use of RO-RO, from the support given to transit transport to the opportunities in the EU and Asian markets.

11 thousand 500 drivers were given vocational qualification certificate

Stating that the transportation sector is a dynamic sector, Hasan Boz, Head of International Relations Department of the General Directorate of Transportation Services Regulation, said, “It is necessary to keep up with the developments and take precautions. As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we are trying to come together with all our stakeholders and other public institutions in the sector and make the necessary arrangements according to the results of these workshops.

Mentioning that there is a driver problem experienced all over the world, Boz said, “We have given professional competence certificates to 11 drivers so far. In this way, these drivers will be able to continue their work without any problems. We will continue to hold workshops with the participation of all stakeholders in order to make this temporary solution permanent.”

20 billion dollars of export is targeted with the contribution of state supports

Stating that the global service trade, which reached 2021 trillion dollars in 6, is expected to reach 2022 trillion dollars in 7, Baykara underlined that they aim to get a larger share from the world service trade in a period when the global demand is reviving. Emphasizing the importance of the freight transportation and logistics services sector at this point, Baykara said, “According to the data of the Central Bank, service exports amounted to $2022 billion in the January-May 66,4 period, with an increase of approximately 26 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Again in this period, we had a service trade surplus of approximately $10,9 billion. Our transportation services have increased significantly by 59 percent.”

Baykara said, "Especially our President, our Ministry of Commerce and the General Directorate of International Service Trade within our Ministry have also implemented works that contribute to our sector," said Baykara, and continued as follows: "With these announced supports, our sector will have received important supports like the sectors that export goods for the first time. Our industry, which exported 12,6 billion dollars last year, will reach 20 billion dollars export levels faster with the announced supports.”

“Our demands were met”

HİB Secretary General Fatih Özer said that they reached nearly 3 members in a very short time and said, “After our association was established, we had 3 requests. As a result of our requests received by our President and the Ministry of Commerce, first the General Directorate of International Service Trade, which was created only for the service sector within the ministry, and then a general secretariat of its own, our union later had incentive mechanisms such as goods exporting sectors. We continue our work in line with the trust placed in us.”

The sector's targets for 2025:

  • To increase international logistics revenues to 2025 billion dollars in 20 and 2030 billion dollars in 30 by growing together with the export of goods.
  • To increase Turkey's transit revenues in Asian – European goods transportation to 2025 percent in 20 and 2030 percent in 30 of export transportation revenues.
  • To become the most attractive corridor connecting China to Europe and Europe to China in the One Belt One Road project.
  • To increase the share of combined transportation and alternative sea, rail and airway transportation in international transportation.
  • To make Turkey one of the most preferred centers in its region with effective e-commerce transportation services.
  • Reducing costs in logistics processes.

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