Emek Külür Writes Poetry Here Are His Poems

Emek Kulur Writes Poetry Here's Poems
Emek Külür Writes Poetry Here Are His Poems

Emek KÜLÜR is interested in many branches of art. Music sculpture and poetry…. This interest of Emek KÜLÜR is also closely related to his artistic identity. Expressing that he was interested in art for as long as he could remember, Külür wrote poems as well as many of his sculptures. Emek KÜLÜR, who states that he often reads poetry and is interested in poetry, states that he has written two poems so far. He expresses that he will continue to write poetry in the future. He expresses that he especially wants to devote time to writing poetry. He also states that he likes poems that use a simpler language with more love and longing feelings. She also fulfills this search with classical music. She says that she likes to listen to classical music while working in the clinic.

Expressing that the poem he wrote for his lost brother was the first, KÜLÜR states that he wrote the second poem for his daughter.

Why does Emek Kürüm Love the Art of Poetry?

Stating that every branch of art is good for people, Emek KÜLÜR your poem He says that people have a relaxing, motivating and thought-provoking side. He states that it is an important detail to find the feelings of peace and serenity in poetry, as in music. Emek KÜLÜR feels that he is talking to himself in the poems he writes, that it is good for him, in other words, his longing, memories, losses, kazanexpresses that he expresses his inner life with his poems.

What Kind of Poems Does Emek Kürü Like Most?

Expressing that she seeks feelings of peace and serenity in the poems she reads, Emek KÜLÜR likes poems written in an intense and plain language, in which the feelings of love and longing are at the forefront.

For Whom Emek Kürüm Wrote Poetry?

Emek KÜLÜR wrote his first poem for his brother Ertuğ KURTOĞLU, who died in a traffic accident on May 1, 2010. He describes how he started writing poetry in these words:“I am an only child now, but we were actually two brothers. I lost my brother in a car accident. It was a motorcycle accident. In 2010, May 1 was the death anniversary of my brother, who I lost. My mother also wants to do something because it is a holiday on May 1. After that, it is our custom; You have to do something good on the anniversary of your death, my mother and daughter went to Seferihisar, so I poured my coffee at home. My brother has a Facebook page, I went there, I was reading what was written, and I didn't write anything on his page until now, I did after that. I wrote something again. I wrote, I wrote, I sent.

He stated that he wrote his second poem for his daughter Yasemin KÜLÜR.

What are Emek Kulur's Poetry Examples?

Emek Küldür wrote her first poem for her brother who lost her in a traffic accident. "Yes, first let me read the poem I wrote to my deceased brother. I had news about three o'clock at night, after that I wrote my poem to my brother.

“My daughter Yasemin is 20 years old now. I just raised him. There is a poem I wrote for my daughter because we lost her father. https://emekkulur.org/emek-kulur-ve-siir-sanati/

 Emek Kürüm and His Poem For His Brother

There is a poem he wrote for his brother Ertuğ KURTOĞLU, who lost in a traffic accident, and it is as follows:

“He came again that night, my cells remembered, no matter how much I wanted to forget

Why does poverty grow over time?

Why always this reverse balance?

I love my daughter's lips the most because they are the same as yours,

I love Bezo's mischief the most, just because of you,

I like my eyes the most in the mirror, because our eyes are the same,

I always laugh after my outbursts of anger at injustices because it's the same you inside me,

Just because your brother is something separate from your life."

A Poem Written To Emek Küldür and His Daughter Yasemin Kulur

The poem he wrote for his daughter Yasemin KÜLÜR is as follows:

"I'm getting angry,

I'm getting tired

I'm giving up,

I miss it, it does not pass,

I love it does not end

I smell it, it's blowing softly

I hug, it fills me up

It is clear why life is devoted to his daughter”,

What are the most beautiful feelings in poetry for labor?

Emek KÜLÜR likes poems written in plain language, containing feelings of love and longing from life, in which emotions are intensely given. On the other hand, he states that for Emek KÜLÜR, he especially likes poems that reflect his feelings of peace and serenity in poetry.


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