Lale Karabıyık Asked: Will KPSS 2022 Exam Be Canceled?

From Lale Karabiyik to the Question of Saibe's Claims in KPSS
Question by Lale Karabıyık on the Allegations of Shaibe in KPSS 2022

CHP Deputy Chairman for Education Policies and Bursa Deputy Lale Karabıyık asked questions about doubters in the KPSS held on Sunday, July 31, with the parliamentary questions submitted by the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer and Vice President Fuat Oktay.

With his proposals, Karabıyık said, "Is it true that the 2022 KPSS questions are in parallel with the booklet of a publishing house?" asked for an answer.

CHP's Karabıyık said, “Parents and students have lost their trust; Similar incidents and allegations occur all the time. The statement "It has been examined, there is no problem" made by ÖSYM is not sufficient, it did not remove the question marks; Students and parents no longer trust the institution that made this statement, nor the exams. The Ministry and the relevant institution have not made the slightest attempt to restructure this trust, which has been damaged for years. There are many people who think that even if they say "there is no problem" at the moment, "they can't say there was, they don't accept their failures in exam security". Moreover, in this event, a congregation, an association, etc. The students and families who contacted us also express that they have reservations about the doubt. We will follow up on this issue," he said.

The reasons for the motion and the questions asked by the CHP deputy are as follows:

After KPSS 31, which was held in two sessions, General Talent - General Culture and Educational Sciences, on Sunday, July 2022, various allegations of doubters came to the fore, and claims that some questions asked in the exam were the same as those of a publishing house became the agenda in the social media.

  1. Is it true that the 2022 KPSS questions are in parallel with the booklet of a publishing house?
  2. How many questions in which areas are parallel to the booklet of this publishing house?
  3. Have the 2022 KPSS questions been published in any field before?
  4. Are there any questions that are considered to be cancelled?
  5. Has any investigation been opened regarding the 2022 KPSS?

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