Kılıçdaroğlu Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of Paşabahçe Ferry

Kilicdaroglu Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of Pasabahce Ferry
Kılıçdaroğlu Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of Paşabahçe Ferry

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Chairman of the Republican People's Party, attended the commissioning ceremony of the Paşabahçe Ferry, whose restoration was completed at the Haliç Shipyard.

CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu said the following in his speech at the ceremony:

Sir, I am very happy to be with you in such a pleasant environment. I say pleasant atmosphere, actually, it is an extraordinarily beautiful thing to relive a history. It is their histories that make nations nations. What makes cities cities is the city's own history. If the rulers become alienated from the city they live in or rule, they forget history. In this context, it is an extraordinarily good event that our Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has restored and revealed the history of Istanbul.

We opened the Basilica Cistern together again. In a sense, I saw it as the center of the world. Wherever you dig or touch in Istanbul, which has already served as the capital of three great empires, a history is bound to emerge.

Sir, city line ferries or ferryboats or ferries are also very important in my life. I lived in Çemenzar in Yukarı Göztepe, Istanbul for 12 years. Therefore, almost every day except Saturday and Sunday. Kadıköyto Karaköy – from Karaköy KadıköyI went to the ferries. At that time, the Bosphorus Bridge had not yet been built. Therefore, we used to find a place we liked to sit on these ferries, to sit on the ferry in the 1970s when I first came, and sit there. In the following years, Istanbul became very crowded, and if we could find an empty place, we started to sit there. But every morning we would open our newspaper and read it. The tea maker was shouting and distributing tea. Therefore, those who wished would buy tea. Some of them would throw pieces of bread at the seagulls from the back and we would watch it together. Therefore, these ferries have an important place in Istanbul's culture and history, and they should be kept alive. I don't know if I boarded Paşabahçe, but I am XNUMX percent sure that I boarded it, but there was no special determination as Paşabahçe in my life, but of course I saw it here. You have to keep them alive.

Our Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Ekrem, really wants to serve the people of Istanbul with great devotion. He's working, he's making an effort. He and his staff make an extraordinary effort. I know the obstacles have been removed, I know the difficulties have been removed. But Ekrem President is very successful in one subject. He is extremely successful in overcoming all obstacles and reaching the goal. He gave an example from the media, Mr. President. They don't matter, they don't matter. Istanbulites see you Mr. President, Istanbulites know you, Istanbulites know what you are doing for Istanbul. Not only the people of Istanbul, but the whole world knows. There is no other metropolis in the world that has built 10 major subways at the same time in a metropolis. All of these had stopped, they were not working. But now people are working hard here to serve the people of Istanbul.

There is one more thing. Our mayors have a very nice feature. It's like giving an account to the city they serve. It's like answering every penny of their spending. In other words, they advocate a transparent administration, they are in favor of a transparent administration. Hopefully, we will do this in the context of Turkey as well. We will explain not only to Turkey, but to the whole world, that the state is transparent when governing the state, that those who run the state are accountable to their own people, and that this accountability is an honorable duty. I want all my friends to be sure of this too.

Sir, Haliç Shipyard is the remains of Fatih, yes, this is actually a history. It has to live here too. Istanbul is also a cultural center, the cultural center of the world. I would very much like to have a serious intellectual accumulation spread to the whole world from here and to be told from here. In this regard, our President Ekrem is making every effort to do his best. Mr. President, in front of all the guests, I express my heartfelt thanks in your presence.

Of course, the biggest thank you goes to the General Manager, the woman sitting next to him. Thank you too. Women need to be in more active and active places in working life. I said to my friend who was the Vice President of Local Governments, kazanHow many female administrators were there in the past in the municipalities we do not know, how many women administrators are there now, just in case. We have more or less a significant increase. But I think that this increase will emerge more clearly in a certain period of time.

Thank you all. Welcome, you enjoyed it. Heartfelt thanks to all of you.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu then got on the Paşabahçe ferry and got information about the restoration and the ferry.

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