Kadıköy, Hosted the European Football Championship Final

Kadikoy Hosts European Football Championship Final
Kadıköy, Hosted the European Football Championship Final

Kadıköy Kalamış Atatürk Park hosted female football fans on the final day of the Women's European Football Championship. The events that started with the “Girls on the Field” football tournament continued with the panel titled “Football Women and Equality in Sports” and the live broadcast of the Women's European Football Championship final match on the giant screen set up in Kalamış Atatürk Park.

Kadıköy The “Girls on the Field” tournament, organized jointly by the Municipality and the Girls on the Field, was held in Kalamış on Sunday. The women's football team of the Istanbul Bar Association won the tournament. While 5 women's teams participated in the football tournament of the platform, the first match started at 10.00:XNUMX in the morning. After the tournament, the participating teams went to the field with the 'We Are Breaking Prejudices' banner and congratulated each other.

After the tournament, the 'Football Women and Equality in Sports Panel' was held with the participation of journalist Didem Dilmen, academician İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu and coach Nurcan Çelik. In the panel followed by the audience, the speakers gave examples of the gender inequality experienced by women in sports and also touched on the solutions.

This eventful day in Kalamış ended with watching the final match of the Women's European Football Championship between England and Germany on the giant screen. Kadıköy Municipality started with the matches of the Sultans of the Net and KadıköyThe event of watching the match on the giant screen, which attracted great attention from the people, was held with a large audience. England, which hosted the tournament, won the match, where the excitement peaked and went to overtime, befitting the final, by beating Germany 2-1.

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