Promotion Meeting of Izmir Book Fair was Held

Introductory Meeting of Izmir Book Fair was held
Promotion Meeting of Izmir Book Fair was held

The introductory meeting of İZKİTAP – İzmir Book Fair, where writers and publishers will meet with readers from İzmir, was held on October 28 – November 6, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Drawing attention to the “A Library for Every Neighborhood Campaign” at the meeting, Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that the fair coincided with the Second Century Economics Congress and said, “While preparing İzmir's next century, this fair also carries another meaning and richness of content.”

İZKİTAP – İzmir Book Fair, which will be held at Fuar İzmir by İZFAŞ and SNS Fairs, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was introduced. İZELMAN A.Ş. and Publishers Cooperative (YAYKOOP), the introductory meeting of the fair, which will bring together writers, publishers and book lovers, was held at Fuar İzmir. Publishing house owners, writers and journalists attended the meeting hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, as well as İZFAŞ General Manager Canan Karaosmanoğlu Buyer and SNS Fairs Chairman of the Board Saruhan Simsaroğlu.

22 libraries completed

At the introductory meeting, Mayor Tunç Soyer drew attention to the "A Library for Every Neighborhood" campaign, which continues to be donated, and said, "We know that transforming life begins with expressing ourselves. The way to enrich our self-expression is through books. That's why we strive for everyone in Izmir to access books freely with our One Library for Every Neighborhood Campaign. On this path, Izmir once again showed one of the best examples of the spirit of solidarity. We shared with our citizens the book delivery points throughout Izmir where they can donate their books. We said to the people who would come to visit, 'Bring me a book, not flowers'. Because every book is a seed. The unique information in the books exists for our young people and children who will build the world of the future. And today I proudly say that the number of books we collected from our donors has exceeded 30 thousand. We set out to build 50 libraries that we will deliver these books from our citizens to our citizens. As of now, 22 of them have been completed so far, and the others will be put into service by the end of this year.

“İzmir deserves to be a city that will shape the world”

Stating that İzmir is worthy of being a city where the works that will shape the whole world come to life, not a place where ready-made information is consumed, Mayor Soyer said, “Fulfilling the requirements of this is one of our main duties. This is why İZKİTAP, which is one of the guarantees of our stance, is so valuable. Moreover, as you know, October 28 – November 6 coincide with the work of the Second Century Economics Congress of Izmir. In summary, while preparing İzmir's next century, this fair also carries a richness of meaning and content.”

Meeting point for book lovers

Izmir Book Fair, which will open its doors between October 28 and November 6, 2022, will be the meeting point of writers and book lovers. There will be interviews with authors, autograph sessions, panels, live broadcasts and special events throughout the fair. Author and academician Nedim Gürsel, who teaches Turkish Literature at Sorbonne University, will be the “Guest of Honor” at the İZKİTAP – İzmir Book Fair. The shuttle will be removed from certain points of Izmir for the fair.

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