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Izmir All on Four Implant Treatment


Dental health is seen as important for individuals of all ages. However, after a certain age, the risk of having problems with the teeth can double. These problems can be overcome with treatment.

What is All on Four Implant Treatment?

A lot of research is being done about All on Four Implant treatment. In these studies, the content of All on Four Implant treatment and what it does can be learned. There are many patients who are completely edentulous. This problem can be seen especially in most of the elderly people.

The process that fixes the dental prosthesis on the same day on four implants made in edentulous patients is called all on four implants. There is an increase in the number of people who have had this procedure.

All in four implant treatment is performed by dentists.

Who is All on Four Implant Treatment Applied to?

All on four implant treatment has been wondered by many people lately. Those who are curious about this process are investigating who will apply the process. All on four implant treatment is not applied to everyone. This treatment is seen as a cut-throat for completely edentulous patients.

Ancak Izmir implant treatmentSome details are being looked at so that the dental implant can be made for edentulous people. The patient must have sufficient bone volume for this procedure. Otherwise, the operation cannot be performed.

The patient who will be treated with All on four implant treatment should not have a systematic disease.

Features of All on Four Implant Treatment

This process has many features. Many of these features are seen as advantages. all on four implant treatment prices and treatment methods are planned completely individually. Because everyone's expectations from this treatment can be different. This type of treatment is easier to maintain and clean than other types of fixed dental prosthesis.

The time spent for all on four implant treatment is much shorter than the time spent for other treatments. Because in this type of treatment, more than one surgical procedure can be performed on the same day.

The design of all on four implants may be slightly different than full dental prostheses.

Does Pain Occur After All-on-Four Implant Treatment?

Those who will have all on four implant treatment wonder whether this procedure is painful. As with any surgical procedure, some pain may occur as a result of this procedure. However, the pain is not serious. Those who experience pain after All-on-four implant treatment can overcome the problem with painkillers.

People who experience pain in their teeth after all-on-four implant treatment should talk to a doctor. Doctors treat patients as needed. Doctors give necessary painkillers to patients.

Pain does not occur in every person who has all on four implant treatment. Pain sensation is usually seen in two out of 10 people.

All on Four Implant Treatment Process

All on four implant process consists of more than one step. Those who are going to have this procedure should talk to their dentist. In order to start all on four implant treatment, it is necessary to be examined first. Dentists decide whether or not to perform the procedure after performing the necessary examination.

After the controls, the patient's tooth measurements are taken correctly. These measurements go to the laboratory and prostheses are prepared. After the patient's implants are placed, fixed prostheses are applied.

In this treatment, tooth measurements should not be taken incorrectly in any way. Otherwise, the prostheses do not fit the implants properly.

Advantages of All on Four Implant Treatment

All on four implant treatment is carried out intensively both in our country and in the world. There are many reasons why this process has become popular. Implant and prosthesis treatment can be performed on the same day for patients who have undergone all-on-four implant treatment.

It is seen as the biggest advantage of this type of treatment that the patients allocate short periods for the treatment period. The fact that there is no danger in the transactions performed is also considered an advantage.

All on Four Implant Treatment Fees

People who have All on four implants are satisfied with the procedure. The fee paid for the procedure varies from patient to patient. It is not the same fee for every patient. There are many variables that determine the price of all on four implant treatment. Depending on these variables, different prices may occur.

The number of implants made, the quality of the type of prosthesis to be made are seen as the main factors that determine the price. Those who want to get detailed information about the price talk to dentists.