When Will BİLSEM Results Be Announced? When are BİLSEM Registrations?

When BILSEM Results Will Be Announced When BILSEM Registrations
When BİLSEM Results Will Be Announced When BİLSEM Registrations

The expected day has come for the results of BİLSEM, which allows gifted students, who are determined by exam in primary schools, to study in special education institutions opened under the state. MEB gave the date of 19 August for the results of BİLSEM. BİLSEM individual valuation results will be announced on meb.gov.tr.

BİLSEM individual assessment exams applied throughout Turkey for gifted students determined in primary schools by group screening method started on 13 June. The results will be available today after the individual evaluations ended on August 12.

Have BİLSEM Results Been Announced, How Can I Find Out?

BİLSEM individual evaluation phase was held between 13 June and 12 August. right of registration kazanmoment students On 19 August will be announced. The results of the interviews expected by thousands of students who will settle in fields such as painting, music, art, and mental abilities have not been announced yet. When it is announced, information will be given in our news. The eagerly awaited BİLSEM interview results http://www.meb.gov.tr/sinavlar/sorgu link will be accessible.

BİLSEM Results Inquiry Screen

When are BİLSEM Registrations?

Right to register with the announcement of BİLSEM results kazanstudents will be determined. BİLSEM registrations will be made between 29 August – 9 September, following the end of the appeal process against the individual assessment results.

What is BİLSEM?

Different education programs are implemented for gifted children all over the world. Bilsem is the abbreviated name of Science and Art Education Centers. They are special education institutions opened under the state in order to ensure that gifted students, who are determined by examination in primary schools, are aware of their individual talents in a way that does not disrupt their education in formal education institutions, and to develop and use their capacities at a high level.

In BİLSEMs, which develop the special abilities of students with various programs other than compulsory education, we identify students with special talents, especially high capacity in intelligence, creativity and leadership, as well as high performance in special academic fields compared to their peers, and assist these students with extra education programs throughout their education life. Our aim is to help them get to know themselves, and to raise generations that will contribute to our country in the future.

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