İBB İSPER Will Recruit 17 Civil Servants and Workers

IBB ISPER Will Recruit Civil Servants and Workers
İBB İSPER Will Recruit 17 Civil Servants and Workers

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) published a new job posting on 17 August 2022 through the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR). According to the announcement on the Istanbul Job Postings page of İŞKUR, İSPER, one of the affiliate companies of IMM, will recruit civil servants and workers from 9 different professions without KPSS conditions and without examination, in order to permanently employ them within its own body.

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İBB İSPER job application dates vary according to the professions to be recruited, and the application dates are given below. Applications for this posting will be made online via the internet address “kariyer.ibb.istanbul”, which is the career page of IMM. Applications made in person or by mail will be considered invalid.

So, from which professions will IMM recruit personnel? What are the application requirements according to the professions? Here are the details…

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) through İŞKUR; It will recruit 1 civil servants and workers, including 1 Imam, 1 Assistant Cook, 1 Project Support Staff, 2 Waiter, 1 Human Resources Specialists, 2 HR Office Staff, 1 Grooms, 7 Preschool Teacher and 17 Child Development and Education Staff. The personnel to be recruited will start work as permanent staff.

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