Hacı Ramazanlar Village Life Center Opened in Sakarya

Haciramazanlar Bay Life Center Opened in Sakarya
Hacı Ramazanlar Village Life Center Opened in Sakarya

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer attended the ceremony held for the opening of the village life center in Sakarya Hacı Ramazanlar. Stating that village life centers have an important place among the projects initiated by the Ministry of National Education, Minister Mahmut Özer said that the project was implemented due to the return to small settlements after the epidemic and agriculture and animal husbandry becoming a critical area.

Özer said: “We said that we should quickly revise and restore our schools, which are idle and closed in our villages, and put them at the service of our citizens. To this end, we took the first step by amending the regulation on the opening of village primary schools. Currently, a primary school can be opened in any village, regardless of the number of students. We accomplished the second step by reducing the number of 10 students required to open kindergartens in villages to 5. Just in this step, approximately 1.800 thousand of our puppies in our 20 villages met with kindergartens. If there is no need for primary schools and kindergartens, we wanted to establish public education centers in those village life centers. What should we do in public education centers? Whatever our citizens living in this region want, we will serve you here, with about 3 different courses from agriculture to animal husbandry, without going to the district.

Underlining that the best part of the project is that it brings together adults and children in the same educational institution in a region for the first time, Özer said, “Our citizens will be able to benefit from all kinds of opportunities here, free of charge. We started in Samsun. From there, we will quickly overhaul and restore the village schools in Bitlis, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Uşak, Sakarya and in every part of Turkey, which are about 6 idle, and put them at the service of our citizens. We will put 900 village life centers into the service of our citizens until September 12, 2022, and hopefully we will put all those idle village schools at the service of our citizens until the end of the year.” said.

Özer continued his words as follows: “Maybe our elders, who have been teaching and working here for many years, will come here with their grandchildren. On the one hand, they will take public education courses, and their grandchildren will receive education there. The other day, our 78-year-old uncle İsmail Ülker attended the opening at the village life center in Uşak. He was the director of the village life center we opened. By bringing such a strong tradition together with children, we will be revealing a very important mechanism for cultural transfer.”

Noting that the village life center was brought to life in a short time, Minister Özer thanked everyone who worked here and wished the center that was opened to be beneficial.

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