China European Freight Train Services Reached All Ends of Europe

China European Freight Train Services Reached All Ends of Europe
China European Freight Train Services Reached All Ends of Europe

China-Europe freight train services reached 24 cities in 196 countries. The “China-Europe Freight Train Service Development Report” was released today by the China National Reform and Development Commission. In the report, the results and future targets since the opening of train services between China and Europe were announced.

According to the report, 2021 thousand freight train services were carried out between China and Europe until the end of 49. The trains carrying 4 million 432 thousand standard containers reached 23 cities from 180 European countries. The logistics service network offered by the train services extended to every end of the Eurasian region. China-Europe freight train service has become a well-known public logistics brand in the international community.

Until the end of July this year, 300 thousand train services were carried out carrying 5 million 300 thousand standard containers worth 57 billion USD. Trains that used to send only IT products such as mobile phones and computers in the past, today send more than 53 thousand types of products from 50 categories, including clothing, automotive and parts, food, wine, coffee beans, wood products, to countries on the "Belt and Road" route. By the end of July, a train logistics network consisting of 82 lines in total and covering 24 cities of 196 European countries emerged.

In addition, with the opening of train services, the development step of China's interior has accelerated. Outward-oriented sectors of inland cities, such as Zhengzhou city in Henan province and Chongqing city, achieved an annual growth of 30 percent thanks to the train line. Contact and cooperation between Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and neighboring countries intensified and accelerated the quality construction of the region. kazanyelled.

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