Erkunt Tractor Grows with R&D and Technology Focused Investments

Erkunt Traktor Grows with R&D and Technology Focused Investments
Erkunt Tractor Grows with R&D and Technology Focused Investments

Erkunt Traktör, which has gained an important place in the sector with its domestically produced tractors since 2004, continues to grow at home and abroad with the tractors it produces with an R&D focused and innovative perspective.

Erkunt Tractor CEO Tolga Saylan, who stated that the feedback they received from their farmers is very important, said that they have developed each new project for 18 years with the R&D center by blending them with the wishes and demands of the users.

Informing that they were approved as an R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry in December 2015, Saylan said, “After this process, we allocated more time and budget to our R&D studies. We continue to develop test machines and equipment within the framework of an increasing investment program every year. I believe; Erkunt will make its biggest investment in R&D for the next 10 years and will continue to be one of the companies that allocate the most resources to R&D in Turkey.”

Erkunt Traktor Grows with R&D and Technology Focused Investments


Expressing that they have been a company that has been doing R&D studies since the day they were founded, Tolga Saylan continued: “We are the youngest and most dynamic tractor manufacturer in Turkey, which started production with our own design without obtaining a license from outside Turkey for the first time. For this reason, our R&D studies constitute one of the most important fields of activity that renews and develops us and strengthens our bond with our end users. For 18 years, we have been developing each of our new projects by blending them with the wishes and demands of our users. This gives us the opportunity to further expand Turkey's domestically designed tractor brand, without being bound by any license. The results of our R&D studies; It not only offers the opportunity to develop a new product, service, application, method or business model, but also opens the door to new markets for us. The sales volume of our export brand ArmaTrac is growing every year. Our ability to produce in accordance with the farmers and market conditions of 33 countries is improving day by day with the support of our farmers.”


Tolga Saylan, who also made statements about R&D studies and eCapra Engine branded engines, said: “We carried out many projects simultaneously in 2021 and 2022. Among them, we have various projects ranging from a new tractor model to the development of the existing tractor in terms of technology, from improving the cabin to complying with new regulations and preparing for the new emission level. Sustainable production, which is one of the fields of activity in which we have focused our activities recently, is an important tool for the industry, whose competitive conditions are getting harder, to achieve this balance. In fact, we already have many projects to present as examples, but I would like to remind you of the CRD technology that we have implemented for the first time in Turkey.

Our new brand eCapra Engine, which we launched at the beginning of this year, is one of our most important investments that we have started to produce our own engine and our own tractors with this engine. We have also started our R&D studies for precision agriculture applications, but these studies are of course; It requires long research, development and testing processes, not studies that will be completed from today to tomorrow”

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