Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK Registrations Start on 31st of August

Enstitu Istanbul ISMEK Registration Starts in August
Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK Registrations Start on 31st of August

Registration for the new term at Istanbul İSMEK, affiliated to the IMM, starts on 31 August. Registration will continue throughout the year. Training will begin on September 19. In the new period; It is planned to provide a total of 300 trainings, including vocational training, distance education, workshop programs, seminars and conversation programs.

Continuing on its way with the new vision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the countdown has begun for the 2022-2023 education period at the Institute Istanbul İSMEK. Registrations for the new term begin as of August 31, 2022. Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK, where the variety of education has been increased according to the interests and needs of the people of Istanbul, plans to provide a total of 300 trainings, including face-to-face and distance education. Face-to-face training will begin on September 19, 2022.


The Institute Istanbul İSMEK, which provides education in 4 branches, namely "Vocational Training", "Handcrafts and Crafts", "Fine Arts" and "Personal Development", will focus on vocational training in the new period as in the previous period. In the 2022-2023 period, 'Vocational Trainings' will constitute 47 percent of all trainings.

Istanbul residents show great interest in synchronous (live) and asynchronous (video-based) trainings on the Institute Istanbul İSMEK Distance Education Platform. 300 on the Distance Education Platform in the new period The aim of the program is to provide training. In addition, there will be 50 seminars / talk shows. Workshop trainings in many fields from foreign languages ​​to informatics, from handicrafts to personal development, from gastronomy to graphic design await Istanbulites.


Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK will continue to reach more Istanbul residents at more points with its new training centers in the 2022-2023 period. Arnavutköy- Boğazköy, Bayrampaşa- Sağmalcılar and Çengelköy Cultural Center are among the education centers planned to be opened in the new period. In addition, alternative methods continue to be produced in order to overcome the space and time barriers in education. Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK Bus, which also includes an exhibition area and training workshop, will meet with Istanbulites on new routes in the new period. Istanbul residents will be able to obtain information about the Institute Istanbul İSMEK trainings on the training bus, as well as receive consultancy services on employment from the Regional Employment Office (PfP).


Those who want to benefit from the trainings of Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK in the 2022-2023 education period will be able to register online from the renewed registration screen. In order to apply, participants must first register as a new member. Even if you are already a member of Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK, since the system used is the IMM Entry Portal, all participants must be a member for once.

How will the new member login and registration process be followed?

  • Click on the “Register” button on the upper right corner of the homepage on the Enstitu Istanbul İSMEK website (enstitu.ibb.istanbul).
  • After clicking the "Register" button on the "Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK Registration Login" panel, a password can be set by entering other personal information along with TR identity information.
  • The "I have read and understood the text of the clarification" section will also be checked and the "Register" button will be clicked. Then, the process can be completed by entering the verification code received on the mobile phone in the "User Registration Confirmation" section and clicking the "Confirm" button.


Those who want to receive training from Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK will also be able to register through the “Istanbul Yours” smart city application, which provides easy access to all services of IMM from a single source.

"Istanbul is Yours" application, from the link accessible.

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