Earthquake Trainings at Museum Gazhane

Earthquake Trainings at Muze Gazhane
Earthquake Trainings at Museum Gazhane

IMM organizes training programs at the Museum Gazhane for the anniversary of the 17 August Marmara earthquake. Earthquake experience will be provided with VR glasses to increase earthquake awareness and awareness. Certificates will be given to those who attend the training. The events will continue for 17 days between 19-3 August. All Istanbul residents can attend the trainings.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) commemorates the 17rd anniversary of the 23 August earthquake by organizing a series of training and awareness programs. Organized by the IMM Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement and its subsidiary BİMTAŞ, the program will take place on 17-19 August at the Museum Gazhane. The Urban Transformation Mobile Communications Office of the IMM will provide consultancy and guidance services to the residents of Istanbul for 3 days at the Museum Gazhane.


Visitors over the age of 13 will be able to experience the earthquake with VR (virtual reality) glasses, especially in order to increase the earthquake awareness and awareness of young people. Two separate disaster awareness trainings will be held on August 17 at 14.00 and 15.15. At 18.30, the exhibition titled “A Chronological Section from the Earthquake History of Istanbul” will be opened.

A two-day comprehensive disaster training was planned for 18 and 19 August. Earthquake, fire, flood, erosion, landslide, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear emergency and disasters), climate change and first aid awareness trainings will be given. At the end of the training programs, participants will be given a certificate of participation.

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