DS Automobiles Accelerates Its Development With The New DS 4

DS Automobiles Accelerates Its Development With New DS
DS Automobiles Accelerates Its Development With The New DS 4

Continuing to increase its market share in the premium segment worldwide, DS Automobiles accelerates its development with the new DS 4. The new compact premium option, powered by the confidence of its unique and world-renowned expertise in the field of transition to electricity, comes to Turkey with the TROCADERO version.

With its special design, DS 4 has a perfect silhouette that fascinates car lovers at first glance. With its attractive design revealed with these lines, DS 4 was awarded the most beautiful car award by Festival Automobile International. Thierry Mertoz, Design Director of DS Automobiles, said: “We worked with our engineers for two years to shape the technical platform before we even hit the first stroke of our pen. When we started the creative process, the maneuverability we had to design a new concept was incredible. The silhouette of the car, inspired by the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept, has a special place in the segment with its unprecedented dimensions. Its outline is athletic, highly muscular, compact and sits on large rims. At the end of the job, an aerodynamic, effective and charismatic car emerged,” he says, describing the new model.

DS 4 brings a brand new design concept to its users in the compact hatchback class. It proves this with its dimensions; With a width of 1,83 meters and large 20 mm wheels with a choice of light alloy wheels up to 720 inches, the compact length of 4,40 meters and a height of 1,47 meters give the car an impressive appearance.


The profile combines fluidity with sharp lines. Hidden door handles harmonize with the sculptural surfaces in the side design. The proportion of the body design and the large wheels with aerodynamic design and 20-inch rim option comes from the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept. Thanks to this, the car has a magnificent and special appearance.

At the rear, the roof reaches far down with the steep curve of the enamel-printed rear window, which is a testament to technical know-how. The silhouette is as elegant as it is aerodynamically effective. The rear fenders reveal a fit and strong design with their black sharp corners emphasizing the curves and the C-pillar and bearing the DS logo. At the back, there is a new generation original lighting group with laser embossed flake effect. Elegance is the predominant feature of the DS 4, thanks to its special fender designs, expert chrome touches and a contrast black roof that creates a majestic, athletic stance. As a complement to the exterior design, DS 4 stands out with its 7 different color options, two of which are new.

The front of the DS 4 is characterized by its new, distinctive headlight. In the standard scope, the DS MATRIX LED VISION system, which combines matrix and adaptive lighting, is optionally offered in the very thin headlights, which are made entirely of LEDs. The headlights also include daytime running lights, which consist of two LED lines on both sides, a total of 98 LEDs. DS WINGS, one of the DS Automobiles design signatures, connects the headlights and the grille. Depending on the model chosen, this detail consists of two pieces with diamond-point motifs in stepped sizes that stand out in the three-dimensional grid. In addition, the long hood provides movement, adding a dynamic look to the silhouette. The more dynamic DS 4 PERFORMANCE LINE, on the other hand, features black exterior decorations (DS WINGS, the strip between the rear light cluster, grille and side window frames) with a black design package, as well as striking black alloy wheels and a special interior design concept generously covered with Alcantara®.

The interior of DS 4 consists of two unified areas: a contact zone for comfort and an interactive zone for different interfaces. Two-tone app for window controls designed to trigger cognitive perception. Using different types of leather, Alcantara®, wood and new upholstery techniques among its materials, the interior design of DS 4 combines elegance and technology.


The sense of harmony inside is emphasized by customizable ambient lighting. In this way, it was aimed to indirectly underline the side features and contribute to the general sense of calmness. For the first time in its segment, the acoustic environment is achieved by combining the 14-watt FOCAL ELECTRA sound system with 690 speakers and acoustic side windows (front and rear).

Efficiency is at the forefront

The DS 4 model, which will enter Turkey in the first place with the DS 130 TROCADERO version and the BlueHDi 4 engine option, is offered for sale with an 8-speed fully automatic transmission. With this engine, which has 130 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque, the DS 4 can complete its acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 10,3 seconds. One of the most striking features of the model, which has a top speed of 203 km/h, is fuel consumption. DS 4, where efficiency is at the forefront, offers this performance with a mixed fuel consumption of 100 liters per 3,8 kilometers.

With a wheel size of 720 mm, the DS 4 offers light alloy wheel options up to 20 inches. 20-inch light-alloy wheels will also offer A-class tyres. The high level of dynamism is enhanced by a 10% reduction in weight (1,5 kg per tyre) on alloy wheels with aerodynamic additions, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

DS 4 TROCADERO BlueHDi 130, which will be on the roads of Turkey, draws attention with its standard equipment list that offers high comfort to both the driver and passengers, as well as high-level safety equipment. 10” Multimedia Screen Music and Entertainment System, Navigation, Wireless Mirror Screen (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), Rear View Camera, Two-Zone Automatic Air Conditioning, Automatic Keyless Entry and Starting System, 2 USB Ports in the Rear, DS AIR Hidden Ventilation System, Features such as Hidden Door Handles, DS SMART TOUCH touch control screen, eight-color PolyAmbient Ambient Lighting, Electric Tailgate, Opening Glass Roof, 19″ FIRENZE Light Alloy Wheels, Active Safety Brake, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Cruise Control and Limiter are among the highlights. some stand out.

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