Sharing of Inherited Property through the Action for Dissolution of Partnership

Case for Dissolution of Partnership
Case for Dissolution of Partnership

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year in our country. With the death event, the heirs become entitled to the property of the deceased, that is, the inheritor. However, it is essential to carry out various legal actions and transactions for the actual recognition of the legal status of this entitlement status and the distribution of the inheritance property among the heirs.

If the criminal record statistics are examined, it will be seen that the most common legal cases and affairs in our country are the inheritance transactions, that is, the transactions related to inheritance sharing. Indeed, obtaining the certificate of inheritance (certification of inheritance), payment of inheritance and gift taxes, caseIdentification of inheritance properties through the opening of the estate, making the inheritance division agreement, litigation for dissolution of partnership It is possible to eliminate the inheritance partnership, to open the will, to enforce the will, to demand compensation for unfair occupation with the ecrimisil case, to provide the condition of barring from usufruct by sending a warning letter in order to make a claim to the shareholders, and many other inheritance law transactions.

With the receipt of the inheritance certificate, the heirs should first learn whether they can come to an agreement among themselves, for this they should carry out rational negotiations and be aware that the way of agreement is much more profitable for them both materially and morally. This process and the litigation process must be carried out by an expert in the field. inheritance lawyer We recommend that it be carried out through the heirs because sometimes it is not possible for the heirs to agree among themselves for various reasons.

If the heirs cannot reach an agreement on the sharing of the inheritance property, it is possible to resolve the inheritance property in the form of division in kind (sharing in kind) or in cash (sharing by sale) by filing a lawsuit for the dissolution of the partnership.

In the case of dissolution of the partnership, first of all, the inheritance property of the subject of the lawsuit and the heirship status of the heirs are confirmed. Afterwards, the value calculation is made by making a report to the expert and expert expert in the field of inheritance properties. Afterwards, it is determined whether it is possible to share the same among the heirs. If it is possible to share exactly the same, the same way is shared. However, mostly due to various reasons, the partnership is eliminated through sales rather than sharing exactly. The tender is made over the half value of the value determined in the dissolution of the partnership by sale. The person who gives the highest value in the tender acquires the ownership of the inheritance property. The heirs also receive their share in cash over the price to be given by the person who bids the highest price in the tender.

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