Danger to Heart Health in Children: Metabolic Syndrome

Danger Metabolic Syndrome that Threatens Heart Health in Children
Dangerous Metabolic Syndrome that Threatens Heart Health in Children

Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Prof.Dr.Ayhan Çevik gave important information about the subject. In adults, the disease called Metabolic Syndrome occurs when being overweight, accompanied by high blood cholesterol and blood sugar values, and high blood pressure values. In addition to diseases that cause deterioration in the quality of life in Metabolic Syndrome, it can also cause loss of life. It is noteworthy that this situation has been increasingly observed in children in the past time period.

Some criteria have been determined for the diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome in children. These criteria are mainly being overweight (obesity), high blood fat values ​​(hypertriglyceridemia), high blood sugar values ​​(with diabetes or inappropriate blood sugar levels) and high blood pressure.

The frequency is not known exactly in our country and in the world. However, being overweight (obesity), unhealthy eating habits and not exercising are increasing in our country and in the world. Being overweight, which started in early childhood, has accelerated with the restriction of movement and the increase in screen addiction such as computer-mobile phone-tablet in the last pandemic period. Measuring blood lipids and blood sugar in fasting blood samples for diagnosis and measuring blood pressure values ​​are used for screening purposes. It is known that it causes atherosclerosis (atherosclerosis) that starts at an early age, as in adults, with an increase in fats in the blood and high blood pressure.

Priority for treatment should begin with a healthy diet. It starts with the restriction of excessively fatty, salty and sugary foods. Secondly, it is recommended to start physical activity with 20 minutes daily and increase it up to 1 hour daily. Drug treatment is used if high blood pressure values, high blood sugar values, and the distribution of fats in the blood are disturbed.

Prof.Dr.Ayhan Çevik said, “As a result, Metabolic Syndrome has been found to be a disease that threatens many organs (such as liver fat), especially cardiovascular health in children, in current studies. Early diagnosis and treatment, as always, is of vital importance for the future health of children.

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