Cryptocurrencies 2020 Percent Value Since 406 Kazanoutside


Cryptocurrencies, which have recorded significant decreases in the past weeks, have increased 5% in 11 weeks. kazanThe $1 trillion market cap strengthened predictions within the investor community that the crypto winter is over. Global cryptocurrency exchanges, which believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of finance, were encouraged by this situation and accelerated their expansion investments.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, which recorded a strong rise in 2021, completed the first half of 2022 with remarkable losses, but in the last weeks of July, they reached a market value of 1 trillion for the first time in five weeks. With this development, which is interpreted as the end of the crypto winter among investors, it has started to be discussed again whether cryptocurrencies are a potential investment tool at a time when the global inflationary environment is dominant. While it remains a controversial asset class, the ecosystem's consensus that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance has fueled expansion investments by crypto exchanges with strong financial foundations. This has been confirmed by the Turkey investment of SkyBitPro, a cryptocurrency exchange that is frequently mentioned especially in Europe, the USA and the MENA region.

Evaluating the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, SkyBitPro Dubai CEO Sarullah Tabea said, “Cryptocurrency exchanges, which have experienced difficulties from time to time, still have a value of over 2020% since 406. kazanMay succeeded. In the same period, the S&P 500 index, which covers most of the US stock markets, appreciated only 21%. Even this difference is enough to prove that cryptocurrencies contain new opportunities. With our belief in this idea, as SkyBitPro, which currently operates in 17 countries and 32 cities, we are opening up to Turkey after Italy, Spain, Dubai, the USA and the UK.”

“Crypto market still needs a lot of investors”

Cryptocurrencies, which have become one of the most controversial financial instruments in recent years, have been criticized for lacking the intrinsic value of investment instruments such as stocks or precious metals. Reminding that Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the world, shared the view that “We do not agree with the idea that blockchain technology and other applications lack intrinsic value” in its Global Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets report published in June, Sarullah Tabea said, “The version of the same report, published in autumn 2021, has more than 200 million users. It was pointed out that the digital asset sector, which is the largest market, is too large to be ignored. Arguing that the world's cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could be used in the near future to unlock the phone, buy a stock, real estate or car, or even pay bills is no longer a futuristic dream. The fact that every movement seen in leading cryptocurrencies is on the world agenda can be shown as proof of this. At this point, we think that the market needs more investors. As SkyBitPro, we take the initiative in this regard and organize free trainings to increase the awareness of cryptocurrencies at the national level in every market we open.”

“We aim to be the most preferred platform in Turkey”

Noting that they have been producing solutions for crypto money investors since 2019, Sarullah Tabea concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Our platform, which uses the fastest and safest technology to increase the user experience, is being developed by our competent team of 250 people. Offering 7/24 online customer support, secure storage, security-priority processes and fast withdrawal opportunities, SkyBitPro also stands out with its wide product portfolio ranging from Bitcoin to Cardano, Polkadot to BNB. We are making it possible for the crypto money community in Turkey to access a safe, simple and uninterrupted investment experience with our platform, which has managed to win the appreciation of investors with the importance it attaches to reliability since the first day. With our affiliate programs, we aim to reach the crypto community in Turkey in a short time and to quickly become the most preferred platform with our low commission rates. In Turkey, where preparations for regulation are accelerating, we are ready to operate in accordance with the regulations determined jointly by the financial authorities and the community.”