Chronic Conditions Can Cause Nail Fungus

Chronic Conditions Can Cause Nail Fungus
Chronic Conditions Can Cause Nail Fungus

Podologist Dursiye Özdemir Avcı from Medipol Mega University Hospital stated that “Fungus may occur as a result of nail plate becoming open to infections after the nail surface is damaged, broken or deformed, and said, “People with diabetes, blood circulation and immune system disorders are more prone to fungal infection. It is also one of these reasons at advanced age.” said.

Expressing that nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis in the medical literature, causes nail discoloration and weakening, Avcı gave information about the treatment and causes of nail fungus.

Avcı said, “Nail fungus can be transmitted from person to person, as well as from common areas and objects. Especially when having a pedicure, make sure that the hygiene conditions and sterilization of the instruments are in accordance with the procedure. In addition, sweaty feet by staying in closed shoes for hours in summer can cause fungal infection in the nails in fungi that love to reproduce in a humid and dark environment. With the podologist, you can get rid of nail fungus with the right application and medical treatment under the control of a doctor.” she said.

Emphasizing that teamwork is necessary for the treatment of nail fungus to be successful, Avcı said, “Patient-physician-podologist relationship brings success in treatment. A health worker who provides services for the protection and care of people's foot health is called a podologist. The patient's compliance with the treatment plan created by the dermatologist, the cleaning of the items used and the regular use of medicines, the mechanical cleaning of the nails by a podologist while using the drug, and the opening of the healthy nail are an important step in this treatment. The fact that the thickened nails cause pressure in the shoes reduces the patient's comfort, and visually arouses the patient's hesitation. he stated

Saying that the way to eliminate all the problems related to nail fungus is possible with the right application, Avcı said, “The bad-looking nail is thinned without any pain with podological care techniques, eliminating the pressure and at the same time increasing the effectiveness of the drug therapy applied.” used the phrases.

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