'Basic Mediation' Trainings Started at BTSO TAM

BTSO TAM 'Basic Mediation Trainings Started'
'Basic Mediation' Trainings Started at BTSO TAM

BTSO Arbitration and Mediation Center (BTSO TAM), the first arbitration mediation center established by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) between chambers and exchanges in Turkey, has started 'Basic Mediation Training' for public employees.

BTSO, which has signed exemplary works on arbitration and mediation, brings new mediators who will be effective in the resolution of commercial disputes to Bursa. kazancontinues to climb. The 'Basic Mediation Training', organized in partnership with BTSO and Bursa Uludağ University, started at the BTSO Arbitration and Mediation Center in Altınparmak. The 82-hour training program for public employees will continue for 10 days. 14 different educational topics will be covered in the program.


BTSO Board Member and BTSO FULL Council Chairman Irmak Aslan said that BTSO has broken grounds in arbitration and mediation. Stating that they will benefit public employees with the 'Basic Mediation Training' implemented in cooperation with BTSO and Uludağ University, Aslan said, “These trainings will be an opportunity for employees working in public institutions. As BTSO, we are working to make every contribution to the further development of alternative dispute resolution methods, especially mediation, in our country. We would like to thank İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the BTSO Board of Directors, who supported us in all our works.”


Negotiation and Communication Education Consultant Sibel Soner Ertürk, who gave the Conflict Theory Module training on the first day of the 'Basic Mediation' training, said that BTSO made significant contributions to mediation. Trainer Ertürk said, “BTSO was one of the first institutions to take action regarding mediation in Turkey and implemented BTSO TAM. Since the center was founded, we have been organizing quality trainings on basic mediation and advanced mediation together with Bursa Uludağ University. From past to present, we have always seen how much BTSO believes in mediation and is a pioneer in this regard.” used his statements.


Deputy Executive Director Mücahit Sertaç, who participated in the ongoing trainings under the leadership of BTSO, said that the Basic Mediation trainings were very beneficial. Stating that these trainings organized by BTSO are the result of giving great importance to justice and judiciary, Sertaç said, “Mediation is a mechanism that alleviates the burden of the judiciary. In order for this mechanism to progress faster, new mediator candidates need to be trained. I would like to thank BTSO for pioneering this issue. His support in this field is very important to us.” said.


Lawyer Zeynep Demirarslan stated that BTSO has an important role in strengthening the mediation mechanism. Demirarslan said, “Mediation is a very important opportunity for our profession, especially in terms of pre-litigation resolution, and it will become more important in the coming years. kazanwe think it will. It is very valuable for BTSO to lead trainings with their work. Our profession and mediation activities are of great importance for the solution of problems in the business world. BTSO acts as a bridge between the business world and mediation and takes positive steps with the trainings it provides.” said.


Metin Avcı, who works as the Deputy Director at Bursa Customs Directorate, said, “Mediation training is a prerequisite for being able to take the exam by the Ministry of Justice. Certain universities used to do this before. It is a chance for us that BTSO provides such a training for the personnel working in public institutions. In addition, BTSO TAM building has been a really great building. I would like to thank İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the BTSO Board of Directors, and everyone who contributed to this 10-day training opportunity.” he said.

Hakan Tosun, one of the participants, also thanked BTSO, which has carried out model studies for the business world, for its contributions to alternative solution methods.

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