Global and Prestigious Award to ASELSAN


ASELSAN is entitled to receive awards in two different categories as part of The Stevie Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the world. kazanwas. ASELSAN's “Internal Communication” activities brought a Silver Award, and “Values ​​Communication” activities brought a Bronze Award.

ASELSAN deserves to receive two awards at the "The Stevie Awards for HR Achievement", where the world's best employers and successful human resources teams are awarded. kazanwas. Given since 2002, the Stevie Awards are considered one of the most prestigious global awards in the business world. Stevie Awards, which more than 26 companies from 950 different countries applied this year. kazanMoments were determined by more than one hundred independent jurors and more than 80.000 votes from around the world. According to the results, ASELSAN won the Silver Award for its “Internal Communication” activities and the Bronze Award for its “Values ​​Communication” activities.

Internal communication projects added value to the employee

ASELSAN; It has implemented many different projects in the focus of "development" and "togetherness". “In-Company Tournament” with more than 1500 ASELSAN employees, “ASIL Sports and Art Societies” where employees support their different hobbies under the roof of ASELSAN, “Imprint Award Ceremony” where the best projects are awarded during the year, communication of all internship and talent programs He implemented projects in many different areas, such as the formulation of strategies.

In addition, youth communication with the motto of "Experience for Youth Inspiration to the Future", "Business Life 2", where university 101nd year students are provided with online trainings that will benefit their careers with experts from within and outside of ASELSAN, "Between us" webinar series, where women university students and women employees meet, Thanks to projects such as “ASELSAN Meets with High School Students”, where experiences are shared so that they can choose the right department, university career events and “26-45/36-42 Webinars” for university students in seven different regions, ASELSAN was awarded the Silver Award for its “Internal communication” activities.

Five values ​​in ASELSAN corporate culture

In line with the efforts to better define and structure the corporate culture at ASELSAN, communication strategies have been devised on five values: “together, development, trust, excellence and innovation”. “Value Ambassadors” formed by volunteer employees actively took part in at least four projects each year to keep ASELSAN values ​​alive. Important steps have been taken since 2019 to ensure that values ​​are recognized, promoted and kept alive by including employees in projects. Corporate culture and values ​​continue to be promoted to potential candidates both at campus events and on the ASELSAN Life Instagram account. As part of all these efforts, ASELSAN won the Bronze Award at the Stevie Award 2022 for its “Values ​​Communication” activities.