'The Tradesmen With You' Mobile Application Was Introduced in Mersin

Tradesmen Introduced Mobile Application with You in Mersin
'The Tradesmen With You' Mobile Application Was Introduced in Mersin

The mobile application 'Craftsmen is with You', implemented in cooperation with Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mersin Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen, was introduced with the launch with the participation of President Seçer.

In addition to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, Mersin Deputy Governor İbrahim Küçük, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, attended the promotion ceremony of the 'The Craftsmen with You' application, which was implemented with the slogan 'The Power of the Craftsmen Unites in the New Generation Application', at the Congress and Exhibition Center. Ayhan Kızıltan, Mersin Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen Union Chairman Talat Dinçer, AK Party Mersin Deputy Hacı Özkan, Mezitli Mayor Neşet Tarhan, heads of NGOs, chambers, associations and cooperatives, Metropolitan Municipality department heads, political party representatives, Assembly members and the press members attended.

Deputy Governor Küçük: “This work to follow the innovations will be beneficial to our tradesmen”

In his speech at the launch, Deputy Governor İbrahim Küçük said, “Today, the way of production, marketing and trade are changing rapidly. Those who keep up with this change survive, those who cannot keep up are in a difficult situation in the markets. On this occasion, I wish good luck to our tradesmen with this study, which was created to follow such innovations.”

President Seçer: “A very valuable and important work on behalf of our tradesmen”

Mayor Seçer started his speech by saying that as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, they support every good project made on behalf of Mersin and citizens living in Mersin, “This is a very valuable and important work on behalf of our tradesmen. As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, we stand by every good work done. This is exactly why we stand by this electronic commerce study. Everything is for the tradesmen and is local and national from head to toe," he said.

Pointing out that the pandemic period has intensified the use of technology, especially electronic shopping, President Seçer said, “This e-commerce issue is actually a long-standing issue. It is an application that has been used before us, especially in developed countries. Think of the intensity of e-commerce before a pandemic, and think of the post-pandemic. Because with the pandemic, it has become clear how important this is a new generation shopping system.

“The main way to overcome difficulties is to have our unity and solidarity”

President Seçer thanked all the institutions and organizations that played a role in the realization of the software, and said the following in the continuation of his speech:

“Turkey is growing and developing. We bow respectfully before every politician who puts stone upon stone to this country. As politicians, we need to show this sensitivity; Turkey, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, may have some problems. The main way to overcome these difficulties and troubles is to ensure our unity and solidarity.”

Emphasizing that they always have good relations with the tradesmen, President Seçer said, “I think our relations with the tradesmen are good. We have a municipal management approach that invites and gathers all the cooperatives and actors from Anamur to Tarsus in a room to discuss the transportation problem and discuss this issue of Mersin. We have very valuable collaborations with both ESOB and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”

“Our tradesmen are in great financial difficulty”

Mayor Seçer, who added that they do some research on Mersin from time to time as a municipality, continued as follows:

“We do research on many subjects. I would like to share some figures from a recent research with tradesmen. In our research, we found that 17.2% of our shopkeepers could not pay their rent, and 44.2% could not pay their rent regularly. This means: We observed that the majority of our shopkeepers, 3/2 of whom are tenants, have problems in paying their rents in this economic conjuncture. On the other hand, one of every two tradesmen is in debt today and has difficulties in repaying their debt. Again, 57,5% of the tradesmen are worried that their workplace will close or lose their job, while 75.9% do not see their future as secure. Again, 81.3% of the tradesmen think that the economic situation interrupts their business. In Mersin, 33.6% of our tradesmen want the tourism sector, 32,5% the industry sector and 17.6% the agriculture sector to come to the fore.”

“Let local tradesmen become stronger, shopping malls do not rise all over Mersin”

Noting that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they have taken decisions to strengthen local tradesmen and are against the rise of shopping malls from all over Mersin, Mayor Seçer said, “As your president, my advice is to update yourself in professions suitable for e-commerce and use the trade application widely. . You are the engine of the economy. That's why we want local tradesmen to become stronger and shopping malls not to rise all over Mersin. The decisions we have already taken are not aimed at increasing the number of shopping malls; These are the decisions taken to increase the number of our local tradesmen and conventional tradesmen and to strengthen their situation.”

Kızıltan: “It will be a Turkey-wide application”

Stating that all of Turkey is mobilized for the development of local tradesmen and local businesses, Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ayhan Kızıltan said that the practice developed for tradesmen is important at this point and said, “Own this project. Let our tradesmen, businesses register and everyone download this application. “The Tradesmen With You” application will be a truly Turkey-wide application,” he said.

Dinçer: “We will bring together the consumers and our tradesmen”

Talat Dinçer, President of Mersin Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen, explained that they started to build the infrastructure of the 'The Craftsmen with You' digital program in 2015, and that they accelerated with the pandemic, and said, “Our aim is to increase the business capacity of our tradesmen and merchants a little higher. To support them a little more economically. With our chambers and tradesmen adopting this system, I am sure we will be a first in Turkey and many provinces will follow us. We made this software, we will bring consumers and tradesmen together. This is our whole problem. Hopefully, this digital application we have made will make a great contribution to Mersin tradesmen.”

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