Agricultural Aquaculture OIZ is Established in Malatya

Agricultural-Based Aquaculture OIZ is Established in Malatya
Agricultural Aquaculture OIZ is Established in Malatya

Malatya Governor Hulusi Şahin and Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, together with AK Party MKYK Member Malatya Deputy Bülent Tüfenkci, made investigations about the Agricultural Aquaculture Organized Industrial Zone, which is planned to be established in Malatya, in Arguvan district.

AK Party MKYK Member Malatya Deputy Bülent Tüfenkci, Metropolitan Municipality MASKİ General Manager Mehmet Mert, Provincial Director of Agriculture Tahir Macit, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, on the inspection trip of Governor Şahin and Mayor Gürkan for the Agricultural Aquaculture Organized Industrial Zone in Arguvan district. Mehmet Sığırcı and fish producers also participated.

Providing information about the Fisheries Organized Industrial Zone at a fish farm in Arguvan, Governor Şahin said, “Malatya ranks second in Turkey's inland fish production. It uses very little of its potential. Even the low potential it uses provides an export capacity of 77 million Euros, 8 tons of fish production. Current applications will add another 700 thousand tons to this 8 thousand 700 tons in a very short time. But when we evaluate the full potential, we have 12 times more potential. We will be able to do that in a short time.” he said.

Stating that there is a big sector with an export capacity of nearly 1 billion Euros, Governor Şahin said, “Our industrialists and entrepreneurs are cooperative in this regard. We are performing a first here in Turkey. Under the leadership of YIKOP and our Metropolitan Municipality, we will carry out the fishing of the first specialized OIZ based on agriculture in Turkey. This potential will be realized even better together with the Fisheries Specialized OIZ. Thus, Turkey, Malatya, another huge sector. kazanwe will have risen. Our goal is to increase this 77 million Euros by 2-3-5 times and finally 10 times in a very short time, together with the OIZ and other activities we will do," he said.

Mentioning that these investors will increase even more when OIZs are established, Deputy Tüfenkci said in his speech, “We are in the area where the fishing cooperative is located in Arguvan district. I hope we will establish a fishery OIZ, which is the first in Turkey. will be established in these areas. We do not establish industrial-based organized industrial zones in Malatya. We also have agricultural-based OIZs. Our livestock OSB is about to end. Greenhouse OIZ's infrastructure tender was held. Now, an OIZ based on fisheries has been transferred to Malatya. kazanwe will have risen. There are currently 51 active investors here. Therefore, by acting together, the feed supply aims to compete with the world by reducing the costs by evaluating the cold storage of the facility as a whole. Of course, the infrastructure of this is prepared by our Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue," he said.

President Gürkan, in his speech, said, “The operability of the Organized Industrial Zone. kazanWe came to a place where Arguvan Bahçeli is the place where our neighborhood is located. This is a collective work. In the previous process, we, our entrepreneurs who are engaged in fishing in the Arapgir region and will register with this OIZ, have built a 20-kilometer asphalt road, and necessary work has been done to deliver their products to the highway in terms of logistics, transportation and rapid movement. Today, we have seen that a part of about 7 kilometers from Arguvan crossroads, which we have done here, is problematic in terms of transportation artery. Since it is the first Fisheries Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey and an area of ​​1100 decares has been created for it, considering that this place is currently using 10% of its current capacity, and we consider that they export 77 million Euros from this, when we increase this to 100% capacity. It will provide Malatya with an added value of approximately 1 billion Euros.” made statements.

Mentioning that they have started the works before, President Gürken said, “We have already started the necessary studies for the rapid development of this process, especially with our Governorship, our Ministers or other entrepreneurs and stakeholders in terms of infrastructure. Here, too, we will continue our efforts to speed up the transportation artery, especially in terms of logistics, and to provide a healthy transportation artery for the places where cold storage facilities will be built, by carrying out necessary studies with our relevant entrepreneurs at the point of continuation of these studies.” said.

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