Drill by AFAD on the Anniversary of the August 17 Earthquake

Exercise by AFAD on the Anniversary of the August Earthquake
Drill by AFAD on the Anniversary of the August 17 Earthquake

The Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) Presidency carried out an earthquake drill on the 17rd anniversary of the 23 August Marmara Earthquake.

The exercise, which was carried out by AFAD at the Ankara Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate Campus within the scope of the “August 17 Earthquake Commemoration Programme”, started with the reenactment of the earthquake moment at the Earthquake Simulation Center.

In the exercise, which witnessed unrealistic images, the search and rescue teams were sent to the earthquake zone and the coordination of their work on the wreckage of the collapsed buildings was ensured.

In the exercise, in which search and rescue dogs also took part, the evacuation of the wounded who were rescued from under the rubble and their transfer to hospitals by the first aid teams were provided. In the exercise, the people who were trapped in the fire in a multi-storey building were rescued by the firefighters and the fire was intervened.

In the exercise, a total of 112 personnel, 262 vehicles and 45 personnel, consisting of AFAD, Police Search and Rescue, Gendarmerie Search and Rescue, Riot Forces, Turkish Armed Forces WAK Battalion, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade, Turkish Red Crescent, UMKE, 8 Emergency Aid, AKUT Association and ANDA. search dog joined.

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