Yedikule Hisarı Hosts Drone Races Victory Cup

Yedikule Hisari Hosts Drone Races Victory Cup
Yedikule Hisarı Hosts Drone Races Victory Cup

Fatih Municipality is breaking new ground with the Drone Racing Victory Cup organization organized together with the Tech Drone League. The organization, which will take place in Yedikule Fortress, hosted by Fatih Municipality on 27-28 August, will be held in a historical venue for the first time.

Organized in partnership with Fatih Municipality and Turkey's Tech Drone League, which has reached millions of people in the field of drone technologies and sports, the organization will host various events as well as races for 2 days.

The pilots, who realize the ever-developing drone technology in a sporty or professionally trained manner, will advance to the championship with training and qualifying laps on the first day and qualifying races on the second day. While races and events last all day; The drones, which accelerate to 200 km in 1 second, will compete fiercely in the evening hours to complete the final races on the 10-meter track, which is specially illuminated with LEDs and consists of 400 obstacles. pilots; Quad drones, FPV (First Person View) and special radio controls will give the audience an exciting racing experience. While the pilots, who follow the image on the camera on the drones from their glasses, struggle to complete the specially designed runway as soon as possible; The images in the pilots' glasses will be broadcast live on the LED screens on the stage and the audience will experience the same excitement as the pilots.

Turkey's youngest 9-year-old drone pilot, Ege Orhan, will compete with professional athletes at the Drone Races in Yedikule Fortress. In the program where colorful events will take place as well as races, drone flight training is given to those who wish; Participants will be able to experience experiences such as drone simulator, VR experience, maker & robotics areas, segways, competitions, drone pit stop, shooting a drone with a ball. The MC will present interactive workshops and competitions all day, while the experience winners will be presented with medals.

In the event, which will be held between 27 - 28 August between 15.00 - 23.00 and the participation is completely free, transportation to Yedikule Fortress from the designated points for all drone and technology enthusiasts will be provided free of charge by Fatih Municipality.

At the ceremony that will take place on Sunday, August 28, both team winners and individual pilots will receive their awards and trophies.

  • Team Awards: 1st Team 6.000 TL, 2nd Team 3.000 TL, 3rd Team 2.000 TL, 4th Team 1.000 TL
  • Individual Awards: 1.Winner 3.500 TL, 2.Winner 2.000 TL, 3.Winner 1.500 TL, 4.Winner 1.000 TL

Applications will be made through the application form at

Fatih Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan made a statement about the event: “We named the Drone Races the Victory Cup because it was one of the events we organized within the scope of the 30 August Victory Day, which is one of our important rings of honor in our historical journey. Hopefully, our program will be completed in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm befitting the 100th anniversary of our victory. The fact that the Drone Races organization is held in a historical place for the first time and that this place is our 1600-year-old cultural heritage, Yedikule Fortress, which we have been restoring with great care, makes us excited as the host. When we started the restoration of Yedikule Fortress, we said that this place would host cultural and artistic activities and many important events. One of them is this organization. I invite all technology and drone enthusiasts to this unforgettable and colorful program on 27 - 28 August.

  • Location: Yedikule Fortress – Yedikule Neighborhood Yedikule Square Street / Fatih
  • Date: 27 - 28 August
  • Hour: 15.00 - 23.00
  • Award Ceremony: Sunday, August 28 Time: 15.00

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