Yachters Attending Dadd Rally Black Sea 2022 Event Greet Ordu

Yachts Attending Dadd Rally Black Sea Event Greet the Army
Yachters Attending Dadd Rally Black Sea 2022 Event Greet Ordu

We are at Sea Yachtsmen participating in the "Dadd Rally Black Sea 2022" event organized by the Amateur Sailors' Association (DADD), met with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. He greeted Ordu with Mehmet Hilmi Güler. DADD Rally members said that Ordu is one of the most developed cities of Turkey and the Black Sea.

Dadd Rally Black Sea 2017, organized by the Association of Amateur Seafarers (DADD), which was established in 2022 to contribute to the development of amateur maritime in Turkey, continues at full speed. The yachts, which set off from Istanbul on July 1 and consist of 4 sailing yachts, 22 of which are foreign, and 45 amateur sailors, will stop by 26 ports and return to Istanbul, the starting point.

Arriving in Ordu, 22 sailboats and yachts, which stayed in the Kumbaşı port of Altınordu district for two days, left the port in the morning, toured off the coast of Ordu and saluted the city. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler also sailed to the sea with sailboats and sent the yachts away. All yachts sailed twice in a bow off the coast of Ordu, expressing their gratitude and thanks to President Güler for his hospitality.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that they are happy to host the members of the Amateur Sailors Association in Ordu.


In his statement, President Güler said, “There are two kinds of beauty. We are with both the grandchildren of Barbaros and the valuable members of DADD Rally. It's a beautiful visual feast. It is extremely important for tourism. While bringing Ordu together with the sea, we bring these beauties together with the people of Ordu. "Our Ordu is a city that is now on the agenda of Turkey with our maritime activities," he said.


The Planner and Commodore of Dadd Rally Black Sea 2022, İsmail Zühtü Tümer, said, “Our rally, which started from Istanbul on July 22 with 1 boats, is now in Ordu. We went to Georgia. We visited our beautiful Ordu. Our Mayor, Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler values ​​us a lot. We are very happy to be in Ordu. While we were making a circle of love in Ordu, we were very happy to have our little sailors join us. We saw the history and beauties of Ordu on the spot. The army is our home. It is an incredibly developed city of the Black Sea region of Turkey," he said.


Stating that Ordu Metropolitan Municipality's maritime activities are carried out professionally, Tümer said, “I found Ordu Water Sports Center to be magnificent. Everything has been thought of. Great strides have been made in education and coaching, which we cannot see everywhere. So much so that even places to sleep for the guests are considered. Everywhere is sparkling. I saw it very advanced. Our esteemed president always sets an example for us with his vision. We are very happy to have such elders,” he concluded.

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