When will 2022 KYK Scholarship and Dormitory Applications Begin? University Registration Dates 2022!

When will KYK Scholarship and Dormitory Applications Begin University Registration Dates
2022 When will KYK Scholarship and Dormitory Applications Begin University Registration Dates 2022!

Millions of students who were placed in the university according to the YKS preference results are now searching for the dates of university registration and the dates of application for KYK scholarship-loan and dormitory. In the statement made by ÖSYM, it was announced that the registration process will be taken between 22 - 26 August 2022. Have KYK Scholarship-Loan Applications Started? Where to apply for KYK Scholarship? How to Apply for KYK Dormitory? What are the KYK Dormitory Application Conditions?

University Registration Dates 2022

Right to enroll in a program according to YKS results kazanThe registration process of the current candidates is between 22 – 26 August 2022, and electronic registrations are between 22 – 24 August 2022.

can be made between

For registration, candidates must apply to the university to which their higher education program is affiliated, within the specified period. Candidates who register electronically will take action according to the documents announced by their university and the date.

Have KYK Scholarship-Loan Applications Started?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has not yet made a statement about the 2022 Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK) dormitory application dates. On the other hand, dormitory applications started on September 6 last year. It is expected to start on the same date this year.

2022 KYK scholarship application dates have not been announced. Last year, applications started on November 5 and ended on November 8. When dormitory and scholarship-loan application dates are announced, they will be included in our news. Follow Calendar.com.tr for the hottest developments.

Where to apply for KYK Scholarship?

When the KYK scholarship application screen is opened, the application will be made via e-Government.

Students who cannot benefit from the scholarship

  • Students who receive a scholarship or a student loan from the institution,
  • Students receiving scholarships from public institutions and organizations within the scope of Article 2547 of the Law No.
  • Students who have previously received a scholarship or a student loan from the institution,
  • Students who have lost one academic year as of the date of enrollment in the educational institution,
  • Foreign students,
  • Police academy and military school students,
  • Students who study for more than the normal education period,
  • Students studying in the preparatory class among the graduate students,
  • Open education and distance education students,
  • Students who make false statements,
  • Students who are not eligible for a scholarship according to the provisions of the Scholarship Regulation cannot benefit from the scholarship.

Students Who Will Benefit From The Scholarship

  • Undergraduate students,
  • Undergraduate students,
  • Students who graduated from two-year schools and enroll in the third year of four-year schools without a break with the vertical transfer exam, (No scholarship is given in the adjustment or preparatory class.
  • Master's (Master and Doctorate) students, (scholarships are not given in the preparatory class),
  • Students who are in the top 100 in the score type determined on the basis of raw scores as a result of the ÖSYM exam,
  • In accordance with the Institution Establishment Law, students who are amateur national athletes according to the criteria determined by the Board of Directors can benefit from the scholarship,

Note: A student cannot receive both a scholarship and a student loan at the same time.

How to Apply for KYK Dormitory?

KYK dormitory applications will be made via e-Government. During the application, students will fill in information about their economic, social and educational status.

What are the KYK Dormitory Application Conditions?

  • a) The student is registered in a higher education institution that provides formal education,
  • b) The student's family resides outside the municipal boundaries of the city where the Institution's dormitory is located (Students who are determined to have a disability of 40% or more according to the Health Board report, have completed their high school and equivalent education in orphanages affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and/or are under State protection. students, excluding students whose parents have passed away)
  • c) The student does not have a finalized conviction with a prison sentence of 6 months or more for any crime, excluding negligent crimes (except for those whose sentence is suspended)
  • ç) Even if his sentence has been suspended, he has not been convicted of the crimes regulated in the Fifth Section of the Third Part of the Second Book and the Fourth Section of the Second Book Third Part of the Anti-Terror Law No. 12 dated 4/1991/3713 and the Turkish Penal Code dated 26/9/2004 and numbered 5237, and there is no pending public lawsuit filed against them for crimes,
  • d) The student has not received an "indefinite expulsion penalty" from the dormitories of the Institution or other official institutions or a suspension from education institutions for more than 6 months,
  • e) International students to submit a student certificate, a residence permit of the Republic of Turkey to be obtained from the relevant public institutions and organizations, and a certified photocopy of their passport,
  • f) Not working in a job with a wage above the minimum wage, excluding compulsory internship,
  • g) The student must not have a mental illness or a contagious disease at a level that would prevent them from living in public places.

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