Üsküdar Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Parking Lot Opened

Uskudar Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Car Park Opened to Service
Üsküdar Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Parking Lot Opened

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, '150 Projects in 150 Days' marathon continued on 30 August Victory Day. The construction of 'Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Car Park' in Üsküdar, one of the historical centers of Istanbul, was completed and opened to service with a ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony, İmamoğlu emphasized that the real owner of the projects is the nation. Thanking Üsküdar Municipality, for which they carried out a joint process, İmamoğlu said, “At an opening, the Mayor of Üsküdar thanked me at an İSKİ opening in Üsküdar. Pleased to meet you. I also thanked him. But they received a reaction from the political party he was a member of and his close teams. No matter how many reactions there may be, both the people of Üsküdar, Istanbul and our nation will be grateful for such solidarity and sharing, they will be satisfied and happy," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter the official ceremonies where the 30 August Victory Day celebrations were held, moved to Üsküdar to inaugurate the 'Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Car Park'. Taking over the project, which will bring a new square to Üsküdar, one of the historical centers of the city, when it was at 2019 percent in June 40, İmamoğlu accelerated the work and added another square to the district and Istanbul. Starting his speech at the opening ceremony by celebrating the Victory Day of Istanbulites, İmamoğlu invited Istanbulites to the celebrations that will start at 19.00 in Yenikapı.


Noting that the works within the scope of '150 Projects in 150 Days' are continuing at full speed, the Mayor of IMM said the following about the project that was opened:

“We are at one of the most important points of Üsküdar. Üsküdar is side by side with the name of Mimar Sinan. It has been rising here for centuries. Mimar Sinan is a very valuable architect who has gifted this city with very special works to our country and especially to the Islamic geography. He is even one of the most prominent names of architects. In this sense, Mimar Sinan sometimes appears in front of us in a fountain, a tomb or at the crossings of waterways. We live in a very special city. We are working non-stop to bring a process that truly appreciates this city and provides meticulous services that work accordingly. This square is Mimar Sinan Mimar Sinan Square in Üsküdar and our car park with a capacity of approximately one thousand vehicles will provide a very important service.”


Explaining that a difficult construction process was carried out, İmamoğlu said, “We took over the project in a way that has been completed and the works have started to a certain extent. We have never been involved in vicious discussions about such services. The nation is the owner of hundreds of projects or services that we have done or will do, including the project we opened today. It is not a political party. Therefore, we experience the pride and pleasure of transforming our nation's capital, our nation's existence, into service in the most ethical way and making it available to our nation."


Informing that the project is being carried out in cooperation with Üsküdar Municipality, İmamoğlu said, “We worked with Üsküdar Municipality, talked together, set up tables, and discussed property problems in the past. We resolved the disagreements. At the end of the day, there will be units belonging to our municipality and units belonging to Üsküdar Municipality, which our municipality will serve in the parking lot, together with a bazaar shared to a certain extent in a bazaar belonging to the Üsküdar Municipality and left to the Üsküdar Municipality to a certain extent. The use of the square and the parking lot will also be managed and maintained by the institutions and organizations of our Metropolitan Municipality. What did we arrive at? We came to a consensus. We are opening today. It's time to say thank you. May Allah be pleased with all those who have contributed from the beginning to this day. We sincerely thank them all.”


Reminding the reactions to Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen after the opening of the İstavroz Waste Water Tunnel, which İSKİ completed to prevent the entrance of wastewater from Beylerbeyi to the Bosphorus, İmamoğlu said:

“I have seen for the first time in recent years that it is shameful to say thank you. It's shameful to whom you blame. Ekrem İmamoğluIt can be embarrassing for someone to thank you. Sincerely thank you. I've said this in other openings as well. I will say it here too. At an opening, Mr. Üsküdar Mayor thanked me at an İSKİ opening in Üsküdar. Pleased to meet you. I also thanked him. Probably he was satisfied too. But they received a reaction from the political party he was a member of and his close teams. No matter how many reactions there may be, both the people of Üsküdar, Istanbul and our nation will thank, be satisfied and happy for such solidarity and sharing. Applause from both sides. I hope this esteemed mayor reacted to those reactions in the same way as I thought. I hope we continue to thank each other, including here. I hereby thank him out loud. I hope he will thank us in some way, too.


Stating that they handled Mimar Sinan Square with a design that keeps the green space at the highest level, İmamoğlu noted that Istanbul residents expect a square away from the concrete appearance. Stating that Üsküdar will become one of the important meeting points for Istanbul as well, İmamoğlu said, “We are in an intense struggle to regain some of the areas of Üsküdar that were occupied or that were somehow closed for personal use while the citizens should have used them. We will not give up on this. We will never give up the arrangement around our mosques or other works of art around those precious works. We know that the property of the nation belongs to the nation. Our careful work continues. Although some Conservation Board processes continue, we will quickly start the arrangement of Salacak. My friends, even though there are some issues that concern the board, we will start our work from the part where we are open this fall. We have both finished the design and started the production of our nostalgic tram, which will carry our people from Harem to Üsküdar, which will pass through Salacak," he said.


Emphasizing that they will continue their careful and beautiful works in the historical areas of the city, İmamoğlu said, “As far as I understand, the processes took a little longer in the conservation committee, which I liked very much because it is Mimar Sinan Square. When we send projects to some boards, they look at it with a lens. When they say they are looking, they are ignoring what they see. Such an interesting process goes on and on. We had similar problems in Taksim Square. Gezi Park was tried to be confiscated. We are also preparing a monument where we can get to know Mimar Sinan better, where our children and young people can see and feel what works of Mimar Sinan left in this geography. I request, wish and want to be put here in fuel time. I hope the board will get this thing out of the way as soon as possible," he said.


Upon the rising voices of Istanbulites about Validebağ, who came to Mimar Sinan Square, İmamoğlu said, “I am following the process too. My friends are also checking it out. When necessary, I want to contact Üsküdar Municipality in this sense, and I want the result to be tied to a mature ground regarding that place," he said.

After the speeches, CHP Women's Branch Chairman Aylin Nazlıaka, together with political party representatives and headmen, cut the ribbon and opened the square and the parking garage, and Mayor İmamoğlu made a short inspection tour with his staff.


Speaking at the ceremony, İBB Deputy Secretary General Arif Gürkan Alpay shared the following information about the 'Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Parking Lot':

“We completed the Underground Parking Lot, Bazaar Building and Mimar Sinan Square Arrangement work, the construction of which started with the conclusion of the contract, in June 2019, at the level of 40 percent. Due to the ownership situation in the area where it was built, legal regulations were needed. We came to an agreement with our district municipality and prepared a common use protocol. This protocol was signed in 2021. With this protocol, all uncertainties and legal problems regarding use have been removed. The construction work was completed by speeding up. Within the scope of the protocol, one hundred and nine independent commercial sections within the shopping mall were delivered to our district municipality in March 2022. It was decided to build and operate 6 independent sections of the square and underground parking lot within the scope of our Metropolitan Municipality. On the other hand, the parking lot with a total capacity of 50 vehicles will be provided to our district municipality free of charge in the area under the projection of the car park block.


'Mimar Sinan Square and Underground Car Park', covering an area of ​​44 thousand square meters, was taken over in June 2019 with 40 percent physical completion. The work, which was completed in July 2022, cost 300 million liras.

In project scope; There are 4 Floors Underground Parking Lot with a Capacity of 956 Vehicles, 116 Commercial Shops, 1 Cafeteria, and a Landscape Area of ​​20 thousand square meters.

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