Turkish and Japanese Experts Evaluated Projects to Reduce Disaster Risk in Beyoğlu

Turkish and Japanese Experts Evaluated Projects to Reduce Disaster Risk in Beyoglu
Turkish and Japanese Experts Evaluated Projects to Reduce Disaster Risk in Beyoğlu

A workshop was held in order to evaluate the work that can be done to reduce disaster risk in cooperation with Turkey and Japan. At the workshop held in Beyoğlu, Turkish and Japanese experts evaluated the projects prepared for disaster risk reduction.

Beyoğlu Municipality, within the framework of cooperation with Tokyo Bunkyo Municipality of Japan, with which it signed a sister city agreement in 2014, carried out a 3-year project to reduce disaster risks. Since 2021, the project supported by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and JSPS (Japanese Science Support Institution), Mita Corp. know Only. From. and Foreign Trade. A.Ş., Teikyo Heisei University, Ritsumeikan University, Bunkyo Gakuin University, Yıldız Technical University and Bahçeşehir University. Within the scope of the project, a workshop was held in cooperation with Turkish and Japanese academics from partner universities to evaluate the work that can be done on disaster risk reduction. The workshop was held at Akademi Beyoğlu, hosted by Beyoğlu Municipality.


The workshop titled “Establishment of a Mutual Assistance System Based on the Participation of Local Stakeholders for Disaster Risk Reduction in Istanbul Beyoğlu Historical Region and Effective Use of Disaster Imagination Game Technique and Information Technologies” lasted for three days. The official opening program of the workshop, Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, Japan Istanbul Consul General Kenichi Kasahara, Mita Corp. know Only. From. and Foreign Trade. Inc. founder and Turkey Project Coordinator Telat Aydın, project coordinator Dr. It started with the speeches of Tomoko Kano. Afterwards, JICA Turkey Office Representative Yuichiro Takada made a presentation on JICA Turkey's work in the field of disaster risks. prof. Takeyuki Okubo made a presentation on disaster risk management based on social solidarity. The workshop continued with the disaster imagination game technique and the applied workshop of disaster management based on social solidarity and with the participation of different groups.


In the workshop where many different meetings and studies were held, a meeting of experts was held with the participation of AFAD and Beyoğlu Municipality Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization, Survey Project Directorate, Plan and Project Directorate, Beyoğlu Municipality Civil Defense Chief, and Japanese & Turkish Academicians. At the meeting of experts, Japanese academics were informed about the projects and studies carried out to minimize the disaster risk in Istanbul and Beyoğlu. In Firuzağa Neighborhood, which was selected as the pilot region, field work was carried out for 12 months and a disaster risk map was prepared. In this study, the structure of the buildings, the assembly areas, the locations of the hydrates, etc. area was scanned. Secondly, studies on disaster awareness and expectations were organized by conducting surveys for local people, institutions and organizations in the same region. In the light of these researches and analyzes, on the second day of the workshop, a field study was conducted with the participation of Japanese and Turkish academicians, research duties, Municipality personnel and AFAD volunteers. The workshop, which was held between 11-13 August 2022, was completed with an evaluation meeting.


Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, in his speech at the opening of the workshop, stated that natural disasters are one of the common problems of all countries and said, “I wish the workshop to be beneficial for both countries. Natural disasters are one of the common problems of all countries. Natural disasters are much more important and among the issues that should be given priority for countries in the earthquake zone such as Turkey and Japan. We are aware of Japan's experience in earthquakes and I would like to state that we follow Japan's technologies in this field with admiration. Of course, as local and central governments, many new earthquake-resistant buildings were built together with TOKİ. Our esteemed President also has instructions for all municipalities to build earthquake-resistant buildings. In this context, we follow the urban transformation project in Okmeydanı meticulously. Cooperation with Japan as a state, especially on technology sharing; At the level of local governments, the work with sister municipalities is important for the safety of the peoples of both countries.


Japan Istanbul Consul General Kenichi Kasahara, in his speech at the opening, said, “Until now, efforts have been made to combat disasters on the basis of the fraternity agreement with Beyoğlu Municipality and Bunkyo Municipality. Now, I am happy that an event is being held in this field that also includes academicians. Japan and Turkey are two countries with common earthquake experiences. The team that came to the aid from Turkey in the 2011 Japan earthquake, carried out search and rescue activities for the longest period of 3 weeks among other teams. We are greatly grateful. In order to ensure a higher level cooperation between the two countries by sharing their experiences on earthquakes, an agreement was reached on combating disasters in 2018. JICA also supported. More effective studies will be carried out in programs attended by such great academics. Combating disasters is an important issue in the field of cooperation between the two countries. We will do our best to pass on the history of the two countries, which do not fail to help each other when they are in a difficult situation, to future generations.”

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