Turkey's Fisheries Exports Increased Approximately 20 Times in 25 Years

Turkey's Export of Water Products Nearly Doubled This Year
Turkey's Fisheries Exports Increased Approximately 20 Times in 25 Years

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci stated that Turkey's aquaculture exports increased 20 times in 25 years and said, “In 2021, 211 items of fishery products were exported on the basis of customs tariff and statistics codes. In 2001, 168 aquatic products were exported.” said.

Kirişci made evaluations about Turkey's aquaculture sector.

Stating that the production of aquaculture was 799 thousand 851 tons last year, Kirişci said, “471 thousand 686 tons of this production was obtained from aquaculture, the remaining 328 thousand 165 tons were obtained from hunting. While the share of hunting was 41 percent in total aquaculture production, the share of aquaculture was 59 percent. said.

Kirişci shared the information that 2001 thousand 594 tons of the total aquaculture production of 977 thousand 527 tons in 733 was obtained from hunting and 67 thousand 244 tons from aquaculture.


Pointing out that in parallel with the developments in production and processing technologies in the sector, significant increases were seen in the export of fisheries, Kirişci made the following assessments:

“Our fisheries exports, which were 2001 million 54 thousand 487 dollars in 312, increased approximately 2021 times by the end of 25 and reached 1 billion 376 million 291 thousand 922 dollars. Our 2023 export target of 1 billion dollars was reached 4 years ago in 2019. The new 2023 target has been updated to $1,5 billion.

Our country is a net exporter country in foreign trade of fisheries products. In 2021, our aquatic products produced in sea and inland waters have been exported to 106 countries, especially EU countries, among them the USA, Russia, China, Japan and Korea, due to their quality, taste and high standard. 55 percent of total aquaculture exports were made to EU countries.

Kirişci pointed out that last year, the highest export of fisheries products was made to Russia with 217,1 million dollars. Noting that this country was followed by Italy with 162,4 million dollars, Kirişci said that other countries were ranked as the United Kingdom with 141,5 million dollars, the Netherlands with 124,3 million dollars and Greece with 99,5 million dollars.

Noting that 95 percent of the fishery products exported last year, in monetary value, consisted of fresh, chilled, frozen, canned fish and its derivatives, 5 percent consisted of crustaceans, mollusks and bivalve mollusks such as shrimp, lobster, squid, and mussels. noted:

“In 2021, on the basis of customs tariff and statistics codes, a total of 151 items of fishery products were exported, of which 60 items of fish and fish derivatives, and 211 items of fishery products excluding fish. In 2001, 168 fishery products were exported on the basis of customs tariff and statistics codes. 125 of these products consisted of fish and fish derivatives, and 43 of them consisted of aquatic products other than fish.”


Except for the most caught fish in the seas of Turkey, the fishery product stood out as the clam. Clams, which were caught at varying rates in 20 years, reached a record number in 61,2 with 2012 thousand tons. Last year, 16 tons of mussels were caught.

While sea snails were caught 2001 tons in 2, this number increased to 650 thousand tons in 2021. Shrimp also increased from 7 thousand tons to 3 thousand 5 tons in the same period. In addition to these, black mussels and cuttlefish are also hunted.


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