Samsun Public Transportation Transfer Center Opening Date Announced

The Opening Date of Samsun Public Transportation Transfer Center Has Been Determined
Samsun Public Transportation Transfer Center Opening Date Announced

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir put the last point regarding the Public Transportation Transfer Center, which the county minibus tradesmen have been waiting for a long time, carrying passengers to the entrances and exits of the city in Samsun. President Demir noted that the center, which will provide citizens with easy access to the city center with a single vehicle, will be put into service after the end of TEKNOFEST.

There are only a few days left for the TEKNOFEST Black Sea 30 organization, which will be hosted by Samsun on 4 August – 2022 September. Making a statement about the preparations, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir also evaluated the project investments. He talked about the latest situation regarding the Smart City Traffic Safety Project, Public Transportation Transfer Center, Anakent Business Center and the transformation of the municipality building.


Informing that TEKNOFEST will be successfully held in Samsun by eliminating all the deficiencies, the construction of stands at Çarşamba Airport has begun, Metropolitan Mayor Demir said, “After Istanbul, we will hold the second festival in Anatolia in our city. We will experience a very important process. We had a lot of work to do with TEKNOFEST. We got it all done. Thank you to all our working teams. The TEKNOFEST board is very satisfied with the work and preparations. We are also setting up a beautiful stand. We are doing a good job to introduce Samsun to our young people, children and all our guests who will come to our city. Culturally, we will have concerts as a municipality. We will bring our young people together and have fun. We will have guests from sister municipalities abroad. The festival will bring a great vision by providing completely different benefits to our city. We welcome everyone to the festival area.” made the statement.


Announcing that they have started their promotions by commissioning many mobile applications that will become the lifeblood of the city's administration in the future, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, "With smart city applications, all areas will be monitored in the city management center, which is under construction. At certain times of the day, the designated areas of our city will be able to be watched live from within the country and abroad. We implement this system before TEKNOFEST. The intersection arrangements on Atatürk Boulevard and 100. Boulevard have been completed. Artificial intelligence system institutions are also finished at the intersections on Atatürk Boulevard. Currently, system installation, traffic signaling and speed corridors to prevent red light violations are continuing at the intersections on 100. Yıl Boulevard. I would like to thank the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, for which we supplied the basic material for the asphalt renewal on Atatürk Boulevard.”


Underlining that the city has taken on a completely different atmosphere with the renewed roads with the intersections, Mayor Demir said, “Our streets have become very stylish. Traffic has eased considerably. Even at peak hours, the traffic density does not exceed one or two lights. People can now go in an average of 1.5 minutes, where they could reach in 30 hours. In the system we call adaptive intersection, safety comes first. Artificial intelligence will be activated simultaneously at all intersections, minimizing accidents by making traffic more fluid. While driving, the system will work even better as some habits of the drivers improve. We will eliminate parking near intersections and speed breakers outside schools. We're taking all roads under surveillance." gave the information.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Demir, who said that the project works at the Public Transportation Transfer Center, which is located in the area next to the Atatürk Cultural Center with an investment of 9 million TL, have been completed, said, “The minibus terminal is ready to be fully put into service. After the end of TEKNOFEST, we will put our passenger transfer center into service at the ceremony we will organize if we can. Our people will now be able to reach the city center more easily and quickly with a single vehicle. We will start the demolition of the Anakent Business Center and our municipality building before the end of the year. The application projects related to the parking lot next to the municipality have been completed. Cost calculations are currently under review. We will tender its construction before the end of the year. After demolishing the Anakent Business Center, we turn it into a conventional system. The project is about to end. Therefore, our city becomes completely different.” He used his expressions.

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