New Leaders of the Defense Industry Graduate from SAHA MBA

New Leaders of the Defense Industry Graduate from SAHA MBA
New Leaders of the Defense Industry Graduate from SAHA MBA

SAHA Istanbul, the largest defense industry cluster of the Defense, Aviation and Space Technologies industry in Europe, produces the 3rd Term graduates of the SAHA MBA program, which trains industry leaders. Defined as the leadership school of the defense industry, SAHA MBA provides training with content and methods equivalent to the most prestigious MBA programs in the world, in cooperation with TÜBİDAK TÜSSIDE. SAHA MBA, where the successful names of the sector and the managers of important building blocks such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TUSAŞ, Turkish Space Agency, BAYKAR, started the preparations for the 4th Term at the same pace.

The SAHA MBA Executive Development Program, created with the Ecosystem Experience of SAHA Istanbul and the educational experience of TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE, gives its 3rd Term Graduates. The SAHA MBA Executive Development Program, which was prepared in 2019 in cooperation with TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE with content and methods equivalent to the most prestigious MBA programs in the world, offers comprehensive training to the new leader candidates of the sector in the 2021/2022 period, with 4 training topics in 45 main themes and business management simulation, professional mentoring and case modules. gave an education.

In the SAHA MBA 3rd program; In addition to the additional courses given in the form of experience sharing sessions with industry leaders and bureaucrats, an outstanding program was implemented with the best local and foreign academicians, professional trainers and expert staff of TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE who are in contact with the business world. SAHA MBA, which provided 2020 hours of training in 252, 2021 hours of training and additional modules in 2022/328, gave a total of 2021 hours of training in the 2022/350 period with the training of senior bureaucrats and industry leaders.

Prepared by taking into account the needs of the managers of domestic defense, aerospace and space technology companies that produce advanced technology and compete with the world, and world standards, SAHA MBA is breaking new ground in Turkey by blending its universal management approaches with its own management dynamics.

SAHA MBA Program, which graduates the third term of 2021/2022, is preparing to start a new term with 4 hours of outstanding program and modules in its 413th year.


“We aim to be one of the top 10 MBAs in the world”

Noting that sector managers and executive candidates show great interest in the SAHA MBA Program, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş said, “International quality education that includes senior executives of Turkey, faculty members from the world's and Turkey's leading universities and experienced trainers from the sector. We are breaking new ground with our staff and curriculum. We realized our 2021 program, which gives the participants the ability to compete with an international perspective, in 3 centers: Bilim Üsküdar in Istanbul, Technopark Ankara in Ankara and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, and we received a very intense participation. With the SAHA MBA, which we prepared by examining the MBA programs of fifteen universities, including Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and London Business School, we aim to become one of the 5 MBAs in the world in 10 years and to continue our contributions to our country's National Technology Move by educating future managers." spoke.


SAHA MBA In the 2021-2022 period, our senior bureaucrats and industry leaders contributed with their experience by giving lectures at SAHA MBA. President of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office, Dr. Ali TAHA KOÇ, Vice President of Defense Industry Dr. Celal SAMİ TÜFEKÇİ, President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Dr. Hasan MANDAL, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Fatih KACIR, ASELSAN Board of Directors. and Gn. art. Haluk GÖRGÜN, TAI Gn. art. prof. Dr. Temel KOTİL, Roketsan Gn. Director Murat İKİNCİ, STM Gn. Director Özgür GÜLERYÜZ, Havelsan General Manager Dr. Experience transfers were made with industry leaders who are valuable, who are in the industry and know the dynamics very well, such as Mehmet Akif NACAR and TUA President Serdar Hüseyin YILDIRIM.


The 4th Term will be opened in Istanbul and Ankara with a quota of 30 people each. After the pre-registration of the candidates is completed, the candidates who are suitable for the program will be selected by scoring their CVs. The 4th MBA will start in September 2022. Application links


In SAHA MBA, participants in 45 course titles;

In the theme of Manage the Institution, Institutionalization, Principles of Strategic Management, Institutionalization Process and Systems from a Strategic Perspective (EFQM, ISO), Implementation of Strategies and Change Management, Effective Use of Digital Technologies in Business Management and Business Processes, Prospective Decision Making Models, Finance Management for Managers, Family Institutionalization Practices in Businesses and Professionalization of Management with Family Constitutions, Performance and Career Management Systems in Corporate Companies,

In the Develop Business theme,

Export Strategies and International Marketing Management, Marketing Practices in Digital Platforms, Product Management, Product Pricing, Lean Production, Export Strategies and International Marketing Management, Strategic Brand Management, Qualification Testing and Certification, National and Global Sales Contracts Law, Business Development in the Light of Market Dynamics, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Cooperation Management and Business Partnership Creation, Cooperation Law, Agile Project Management Approaches, Quick Problem Solving with TRIZ Method

In the theme of Develop Executive Direction, Human Management Skills in Future Companies, Developing a Leadership Philosophy for Managers, Conflict Management from a Manager's Perspective, Personal Image Management and Elegance, Behavioral Science for Managers, Feedback Culture Subtleties, Storytelling and Spontaneous Behavioral Skills, Effective Presentation and Public Speaking

In Integration with Innovation and R & D Culture

Creating a Climate of Scientific Creativity, Following Developing Technologies and Technological Trends, Using Patent Knowledge in Developing Project Ideas, Embedding Innovation as a Culture in Businesses, Technological Innovation Management for Family Businesses, Technological Innovation Management for Corporate Businesses, Managing R&D Project Managers

Business Simulation

Business simulation in SAHA MBA is applied for a total of 93 hours at the beginning and end of the semester.
With the simulation, the participants compete in teams; It manages its virtual companies that compete with each other in the simulated market via a web-based digital platform, with the variables covering all the functions of a company management. The decisions taken in each game period are discussed, and the results are analyzed with right and wrong by consultants who have experience in consulting and management in the world's best consulting firms. This Finland-based simulation is used in more than 50 countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Belgium, USA, Greece, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait.


In SAHA MBA, mentoring and supervision practices are carried out to support the internalization of managerial skills. The impact of mentorships on the themes of "Technology and Innovation", "Leadership and People Management" and "Institutionalization and Strategy" on the business life of the participants was 96%.


With the cases applied in SAHA MBA, it is ensured that the managers develop their decision-making skills by producing innovative solutions to sample problems from business life, and that the participants think in a creative and problem-solving way outside of their usual thinking systems. The cases are practiced by cases used at Harvard University and by distinguished professors who have studied the case abroad.

SAHA MBA's references include senior executives from a wide variety of institutions and companies.

85 managers, manager candidates and company owners from 203 different companies received training at SAHA MBA, and the number of participants who were entitled to receive a certificate by meeting the success conditions is 156.


The ties of SAHA MBA participants do not break, SAHA MBA participants are included in the SAHA MBA Alumni club after graduation. While maintaining the network and friendship with the club, which consists of senior managers and manager candidates, continuous learning is supported. Studies are carried out to contribute to the social, cultural, professional and scientific lives of the graduates. The Alumni Club is run by the alumni selected from SAHA MBA participants.

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