Software Employment Gap Grows, Salaries Soar

Employment Gap in Software Grows Salaries Rising
Software Employment Gap Grows, Salaries Soar

As the rapidly growing global software development market is predicted to reach 2030 billion dollars by 479, the need for software developers is also increasing. While the ongoing talent crisis in the business world has caused an employment gap in this field, the technology academy, which has more than 100 thousand graduates, trains talented software developers to reduce the impact of this problem in the local market. While the participants of the training are not paid until they are employed, the payments can be made after they are employed.

The spread of technology and digital transformation, which allows companies to improve customer experience, introduce new products to the market with practical and fast steps, and make their business processes safer, more efficient and productive, continues to expand the software development industry. According to the data released by Grand View, the global software development market, which was worth 2021 billion dollars in 429, is expected to increase by 2030% by 11,7 to reach 479 billion dollars. As the rising industry increases the need for software developers, the ongoing talent crisis in the business world is also seen in the software development market. BilgeAdam Academy, which has graduated more than 25 thousand graduates in 100 years, not only helps its students find jobs, but also reduces the impact of the global problem on the local market by training competent software specialists.

“High demand creates an employment gap in software that will not close anytime soon”

BilgeAdam Academy Director Bahadır Özütam, who stated that the aim of the training programs is to close the increasing software engineer gap and to train talented people in this field and place them in suitable positions, evaluated the issue with the following words: “The rapid spread of digitalization causes many institutions to need software developers to strengthen their technological infrastructure. This increase in demand creates an employment gap in the global software industry. With BilgeAdam Boost, our star software development program that we launched in 2019, we both close the employment gap in our country and ensure that graduates who complete the education process have the job they want.”

Application-based hybrid education model in software development

Bahadır Özütam stated that they have adopted an application-based education model and shared the following information about their education: “The training program we have prepared based on our 25 years of experience reflects our multifaceted perspective. Students first receive practice-based training and then put it into practice in an internship program that offers real project experience. We contribute to the development of all the muscles of our students in software by creating a whole with the support of theoretical and practical education, projects, homework, studies, exams and internships. By applying a hybrid model in education, we allow the person to participate in weekdays or weekends, depending on their preference. The process, which can be completed in 8 to 10 months, varies according to the selected days. Our expert trainers in this field, on the other hand, mentor students at every stage and help them build their careers.”

It closes the employment gap in the domestic software industry

BilgeAdam Academy Director Bahadır Özütam, who said that there are some application conditions to participate in the software development training program, shared the benefits of the program with the following words: “Anyone who has graduated from the numerical department of universities and is not older than 35 can participate in the program. In accordance with the principle of equal opportunity in education, we do not charge our students for 1 year, we allow them to make their payments after they are employed. Our students can easily make repayments thanks to today's high software developer salaries. In addition, we guide our students who want to improve themselves in this field. Thus, it is a band-aid for the employment gap in the local market, and we enable talented people to benefit from career opportunities in this sector.”

Offers 100% job guarantee at home and abroad

Bahadır Özütam underlined that the increase in the need for software developers with digitalization has opened up new employment areas and underlined that the income levels of software developers have also increased, and concluded his words as follows: We do career coaching. In addition to providing our participants with a 100% job guarantee, we also ensure that our graduates settle in the software jobs they want. We do not limit our business opportunities only within the country. We also allow BilgeAdam Technologies to be evaluated by global companies through its UK and Netherlands offices. We are happy to turn our entire business network and experience into benefits for our students.”

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