Fire Fighting in Bornova

Fire in Bornova is Responding
Fire Fighting in Bornova

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Intelligent Warning System enabled the forest fire in Bornova to be noticed in a short time. Firefighters are fighting the fire.

The Intelligent Warning System, implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to detect and extinguish the fires as soon as they broke out, detected the forest fire in Bornova Gökdere District. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams respond to the fire, which is detected from kilometers away by smoke and fire sensitive cameras, with 4 water sprinklers, 4 water tankers and 3 service vehicles belonging to İZSU and Park and Gardens Department. The Regional Directorate of Forestry dispatched 10 water sprinklers to the fire area.

Fire crews were at the scene in 13 minutes

Stating that they responded quickly to the fire that broke out in the forest area in Bornova Gökdere thanks to the Smart Warning System, Fire Department Head İsmail Derse said, “Thanks to our smoke-sensitive cameras, the fire notification fell to our 112 call center at 13.08. Our fire brigade teams set out from the closest stations, Bornova Center and Işıkkent, and reached the scene within 13 minutes and began to intervene. "We will prevent a possible disaster before the fire grows," he said.

What is the Smart Notification System?

Forest areas in İzmir are monitored with a total of 12 cameras at 45 stations. In the slightest smoke seen within 20 kilometers, the cameras inform the center. In case of detection of fire, both video and location are sent to the teams to respond to the fire.

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