Tender for Mollaköy Bridge Is Going Again

Re-tender for Mollakoy Bridge
Tender for Mollaköy Bridge Is Going Again

Metropolitan Municipality Arifiye is going out to tender again on Thursday, September 15 to renew the bridge that provides crossings over the Sakarya River in Mollaköy. The deformed bridge piers and deck parts will be renewed, and 12 reinforced concrete bored piles of 18 meters in length will be applied for soil improvement.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is going out to tender again to renew the bridge that provides crossing over the Sakarya River in Arifiye Mollaköy. The Metropolitan Municipality, which quickly prepared the project for the maintenance and repair of the bridge as a result of on-site observations and measurements made by the teams affiliated to the Department of Science Affairs, will hold the reconstruction and repair tender on Thursday, September 15, due to the canceled tenders due to the lack of tenders in accordance with the necessary tender conditions.

New tender Thursday, September 15

In the statement made by the Department of Science Affairs on the subject, “We made the necessary examinations for the renewal of the bridge used at the Sakarya River crossings in Arifiye Mollaköy, closed the bridge to vehicle traffic, determined alternative routes, and prepared our repair and reinforcement projects. Then we started the bidding process. However, the tenders had to be cancelled, as the three tenders made in the process we left behind were not able to meet the tender conditions. Now, we have prepared the tender file again by fulfilling the requirements of the legislation. On Thursday, September 15, we are going out to tender again for its construction and repair. With the completion of our works on the bridge, the transportation safety on the route will be maximized.

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