South Koreans Admire Kayseri

South Koreans Admire Kayseri
South Koreans Admire Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality hosted South Korean expert archaeologists and archeology students who came to the city to participate in the International Kültepe Archeology Symposium.

While the archaeological excavations carried out in the Kültepe Kaniş-Karum region, which is known as the center of trade in Anatolia, continue in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the municipalities, expert archaeologists and archeology students from South Korea came to Kayseri to see the excavations in the Kültepe Kaniş-Karum region. .

The delegation, which visited the excavations and the culture road in the Kültepe Kaniş-Karum region by the expert teams of the Metropolitan Municipality, also received information about the excavations. The delegation from South Korea also attended the International Kültepe Archeology Symposium held in Kültepe Kaniş-Karum.

As part of the cultural road trip, they visited many historical places such as the Kurşunlu Mosque, the work of Mimar Sinan, the Historical Clock Tower built during the reign of Abdülhamid Han, the Sahabiye Madrasa and the Gevher Nesibe Seljuk Civilization Museum, which is known as the first medical school in the world. Admiring the historical places and artifacts, South Koreans took lots of photos.

Büyükkılıç: “The delegation from South Korea will discover a treasure here”

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Stating that the delegation from South Korea will discover a treasure here, Memduh Büyükkılıç said that they made an effort and dedication to promote Kültepe, where all the documents dating back 6 years to the city's history, were brought to light internationally.

President Büyükkılıç emphasized that Kültepe has made a name for itself by hosting the first written tablets in Anatolia and being the first organized trade center in the world, and said, “The tablets were included in the UNESCO World Memory List in 2015. We are also proud to be on the UNESCO heritage list. In addition, we continue to present the 'Memory Kültepe Exhibition' to the taste of art lovers in our historical Kayseri Castle, in cooperation with Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Kültepe Excavations Directorate. Thanks to the trade culture that dates back to Kültepe, our Kayseri has managed to come to this day by developing with enterprising manpower. I can say that our city, which is famous for its underground treasures, is also a chance for our country. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we always support all the works done to illuminate the past. I also welcome expert archaeologists and archeology students from South Korea.” he said.

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