Pole Crane Erection of Akkuyu NPP's 1st Power Unit

Pole Crane Mounted in Akkuyu NPP's Pearl Power Unit
Pole Crane Erection of Akkuyu NPP's 1st Power Unit

The installation of the pole crane of the 1st power unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) has been completed. The installation process was carried out in approximately 13000 hours using a Liebherr LR 4 crane. With the completion of the pole crane assembly, other stages such as the assembly of the inner protective shell of the reactor chamber, the assembly of the technical equipment and the control preparation of the pipelines on the open reactor will be able to be carried out.

The pole crane, one of the most important mechanisms of the reactor compartment, stands out as one of the first-class equipment with the highest safety class for nuclear power plants. The equipment, which will be used at all stages during the operation of the power plant, will perform technological operations as well as operations such as loading and unloading nuclear fuel during the operation phase.

After the commissioning tests are completed, the crane will rotate 360° along a circular track line to carry out transport and technological operations at any point in the central hall of the reactor building.

Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. Sergey Butckikh, First Deputy General Manager and Director of NGS Construction, said in a statement on the subject: “The assembly of the pole crane is one of the most important stages in the construction of the 1st unit. The timely completion of the crane installation is of great importance as this will allow us to follow the schedule for further installation operations in the reactor building. The assembly of crane structures is carried out in several stages and requires well-coordinated work. Turkish and Russian experts worked together for this work. The crane is installed at a height of 38,5 meters. Now the iron structures of the bridge of the pole crane weighing 282 tons have been installed. There is also the installation of additional components in its advanced stage. The total weight of the crane structures will be approximately 500 tons.”

Parts of the crane arrived at the Akkuyu NPP site in June 2022. The parts were transported to the site of the 1st power unit after they were unloaded from the ship. The pole crane was produced at the TYAZHMASH factory in Syzran, Russia and brought to Turkey.

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