Organized Industrial Zones to be Connected to Ports by Railways

Organized Industrial Zones Will Be Connected to Ports by Railways
Organized Industrial Zones to be Connected to Ports by Railways

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said that they are working on a new model for TCDD's holding and separation of transportation departments. Karaismailoğlu said, “We will connect organized industrial zones to ports with railways.”

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu underlined the need for a new business model in TCDD. WORLDSpeaking to , Minister Karaismailoğlu informed that TCDD works with three private companies on the freight side and that the railways can rent wagons and locomotives to these companies.

Karaismailoğlu said that an intense investment period has been entered and that they will increase the share of the railway in logistics to 22 percent.

Ankara SohbetMinister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, who was the guest of the events, answered the questions of DÜNYA Newspaper Top Manager Hakan Güldağ and WORLD Publishing Coordinator Vahap Munyar.

At what stage is your work on the integration of industrial zones to the railway line?

Railway investments are very important, especially in terms of reducing logistics costs. We are doing important work to reduce logistics costs by connecting OSB, port, main road to railway. The railway is important because of the Paris Climate Agreement commitments to reduce emissions. Mobilized work has begun on both new investments and the electrification of old lines. Finally, we got a loan of 500 million dollars from the World Bank, we will connect the OIZs, including Filyos, there are serious studies, the productions continue.

Restructuring in TCDD

There are 3 companies working in the private sector by freight. Even TCDD can rent wagons and locomotives to them. For a while, the transportation part of TCDD was tried to be separated, but no results could be obtained. A conglomerate model was planned, under which various companies would be involved. We are now working on a similar model. We need to increase their efficiency.

In addition, we have wagons carrying trailers and trucks. We have to use this in European transports, now the doors are already clogged.

“We will find a special name for the domestic electric train like Togg”

There is a 60% domestic requirement for railway equipment. It cannot be bypassed. We will open the Gayrettepe Airport line in September. There was a 60 percent domestic obligation in the vehicles. They were manufactured in Ankara. A company from Ankara makes the vehicles of the Gebze-Darıca line. Currently, the local company makes the vehicles of the tram line in Kayseri.

On the other hand, TCDD Sakarya Factory also produces vehicles. TÜRESAŞ received the Gaziantep rail system tender. As they produce for Turkey, they also produce for export.

In addition, we produced a high-speed electric train that can reach 160 km in the Adapazarı factory, its tests continue. 10 thousand km tested at TÜRESAŞ, the certification process continues. We will start carrying passengers this year. We will give the name of the National Electric High Speed ​​​​Train a name like TOGG. We manufacture locomotives in the Eskişehir factory, and we manufacture wagons in Sivas. 3 thousand people work in 5 factories.

“Yavuz Sultan Selim will be your state in 2027”

Eurasia Tunnel is going very well, some days it goes up to 60 thousand. Warranty was 68 thousand. Between 55 thousand and 60 thousand continues. We think that we will exceed 68 thousand next year. We contributed 500 million liras last year, if we did, we would have spent 1 billion 250 million dollars out of our pocket and we would have spent 600 million liras out of our pocket every year. Ventilation, electricity etc. a lot of expenses are incurred. In 2027, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will become the state. The operating period is ending. The money from there will continue as a direct income stream.

Will the rail system be added?

We are getting ready to bid. Çerkezköy We received 50 percent grant support for the Kapıkule area. This is expected to be done by 2029. A 5 billion dollar project that starts from Gebze and reaches Çatalca. Çanakkale has an investment cost of 2 billion 545 million Euros. If it was done today, it would cost 3.5 billion Euros. For this reason, it is necessary to do projects with appropriate feasibility at the appropriate time. They will pay more if they go the old way and only calculate the fuel.

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