New Move for Uninterrupted Transportation in Bursa

New Move for Uninterrupted Transportation in Bursa
New Move for Uninterrupted Transportation in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started to work at Matador Junction, which is the intersection of İnönü Street-Zafer Boulevard-Gazi Street, within the scope of the intersection arrangement studies initiated in order to prevent the traffic problem in the city and to provide comfortable transportation.

Continuing its projects in order to minimize the traffic problem in Bursa and to provide uninterrupted transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality also carries out its works on arranging the intersections at the important points of the city. Producing solutions to eliminate the disruptions in traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality took care of the Matador Junction, which is the intersection of İnönü Street-Zafer Boulevard-Gazi Street, where there is a lot of vehicle chaos. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works started in the region on site and received information from the authorities, also spoke with the neighborhood headmen and citizens of the region. sohbet He.

holistic design project

Stating that Bursa is a very beautiful and livable city, but there are some problems in traffic and transportation due to rapid growth, President Alinur Aktaş stated that they will produce new solutions until all the problems in traffic are eliminated. Expressing that the expropriation, manufacturing and intersection arrangements are continuing in order to normalize the process, Mayor Aktaş stated that they have taken an important step to ease the traffic in Bursa and the transportation in the old quarters of the city. Explaining that the expropriations have been going on at Matador Junction for 3-4 years, Mayor Aktaş said, “From the day I took office, our regional headmen have been telling us that this kind of work is needed at the intersection. At the Matador junction, we are now entering the manufacturing phase. When the construction of the junction is completed, we will eliminate the traffic jam from Zafer Boulevard and stressing İnönü Street from being a problem. İnönü Caddesi–Zafer Boulevard Junction cannot direct the traffic flow in the region due to its existing physical structure. Traffic jams occur almost every hour of the day. The fact that there are workshops, workshops and housing density on the route has an effect on this. We have prepared a holistic design project for the intersection area in line with the provisions of the 1/1000 scaled implementation zoning plan.”

Destination, uninterrupted transportation

Reminding that the traffic flow over Zafer Boulevard will be slowed down with the roundabout island to be built at the intersection of Zafer Street, Mayor Aktaş said that this way, both the traffic chaos in the intersection area will be regulated and the traffic load transmitted to the İnönü Street intersection will be controlled. Stating that Gazi Street will be taken to the final line stipulated in the zoning plans with the expropriation work, Mayor Aktaş stated that Gazi Street will have direct access to İnönü Street. Explaining that the intersection of İnönü Street–Zafer Boulevard–Gazi Street will be arranged with a 4-phase signalized intersection, Mayor Aktaş said, “In this way, traffic flow will be provided in all directions in line with the standards. With the Matador Junction project, 6 thousand 700 m3 excavation, 6 thousand 200 m3 filling, 2 thousand 500 m. border, 3 thousand 675 m2 parquet, 920 m3 excavation fill, 257 m3 concrete will be made. Its total cost is approximately 1 million 350 thousand TL. Within the scope of the project, plantmix-base and hot asphalt coating production will be applied in an area of ​​20 thousand m2. The total cost of this is approximately 4 million 50 thousand TL. When we look at the general, it has a cost of 5 million 500 thousand TL. We have other expropriations in the region that need to be done over time. But we are working to ensure a healthy connection, especially to Istanbul Street, and to ensure the continuation of traffic uninterruptedly. May it be beneficial for the region, our neighborhoods and Bursa.”

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