Minister Varank Visited the Teams at TEKNOFEST 2022 Rocket Races


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that more than 5 thousand teams and nearly 600 thousand competitors applied to the TEKNOFEST Black Sea organization.

Minister Varank visited the teams at the TEKNOFEST 2022 Rocket Races held in the Aksaray region of Salt Lake, with high school and university students. sohbet he did. In his statement after the rocket shots, Varank said that they prepared the young people for the technologies of the future with the competitions at TEKNOFEST.


Reminding that young people compete in many different categories in the technologies of the future by forming their own teams, Varank said, “When we started TEKNOFEST, we were organizing competitions in 14 different categories. This year, more than 5 thousand teams and nearly 600 thousand competitors applied to TEKNOFEST Black Sea. Currently, these competitions are held all over Turkey. Before that, we were in Ordu, Giresun and Trabzon. Today we are in Aksaray. We are trying to create excitement with technology competitions all over Turkey.” he said.


Emphasizing that rockets developed by high school and university students competed at the event in Aksaray, Minister Varank said, “We are pleased with the point Turkey has reached in technology and science. We are happy with the excitement we have created. Today, in our high schools in the most remote corner of Anatolia, our students form their teams, design and manufacture their rockets, and hold this competition with the support of ROKETSAN, to ask 'how can we work together, develop a rocket with teamwork'. A little while ago, we accompanied the excitement of our students, we saw how they delivered their rockets to 5-10 thousand feet.” he said.


“Hopefully, we will continue to bring this excitement and enthusiasm to TEKNOFEST,” said Varank, adding, “As a government that is aware of the fact that the most important investment is the investment in people, we have been trying to move Turkey through an era in technology for 20 years. We are very pleased with the success we have achieved in these competitions. Our young people, who have participated in these competitions before, are currently working on the most important projects in the defense industry of Turkey at ROKETSAN.” used his statements.


Pointing out that the TEKNOFEST fever will never subside in this country, Varank said, “TEKNOFEST Black Sea continues with competitions in different cities of Turkey. We will hold the final in Samsun on 30 August. Between August 30 and September 4, we will rekindle the excitement with magnificent aviation and technology shows in Turkey, and we will present the awards of our young brothers who participated in all these competitions in Samsun. We invite all of Turkey to Samsun for TEKNOFEST Black Sea on August 30th. We say, 'Our families, with their children and sons, should share this enthusiasm'. We participated in rocket competitions here, these competitions have been going on for 5 years. We are really pleased to see the momentum and development we have achieved here.” said.

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Second, T3 Foundation Manager Ömer Kökçam and Aksaray Mayor Evren Dinçer accompanied Minister Varank.