Fauci: 'I Created the Covid-19 Virus'

I Created the Fauci Covid Virus
Fauci 'I Created the Covid-19 Virus'

In the news in the US media, there was a joke made by Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), about the source of COVID-19 recently.

Speaking at the award ceremony held at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Larry Corey, one of the experts at the center, stated that the virus named Washington-1 is the "ancestor" of the COVID-19 virus detected in the USA.

Fauci replied, “No, I created the COVID-19 virus.” he joked. Corey joined the joke and laughed, “Yes, you developed the virus; You developed it while making Italian meatballs in the kitchen.” said.

Fauci's joke was about a conspiracy about the source of the COVID-19 virus, which is an important part of the US agenda. Accordingly, some US scientists, supporters of the Democratic Party, including Fauci, developed the COVID-19 virus in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The "right-leaning", led by former US President Donald Trump and former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, also came up with the conspiracy to blame China for the country's failure to combat the epidemic, thereby injuring its political rivals.

Fauci's joke enraged conservatives in the United States. Fox News, known for its closeness to the Republican Party, published news titled "Fauci ignores the safety of the public", "Fauci is joking about the epidemic that has harmed millions of people" and "Fauci disgrace".

NIAID Director Fauci argued that the new type of coronavirus emerged naturally, following a scientific path in the fight against the epidemic from the beginning.

Calling the COVID-19 virus the "Chinese Virus", Donald Trump wanted to remove him from the directorship of NIAID, as he expressed his great dissatisfaction with Fauci, who approached the epidemic scientifically, at every opportunity.

With his joke, Fauci actually mocked the politicians who used the source of the virus as a material for their political games. Fauci's joke is a huge slap at the aforementioned right-wing politicians.

On the other hand, this joke reflects a sad picture for Fauci. Chinese Academy of Engineering Member Zhong Nanshan is a Chinese scientist in a similar position to Fauci. Playing a critical role in combating the Sars and COVID-19 epidemics, Zhong expressed the praise and respect of the Chinese people. kazanHe was honored with the Republic Medal. In short, if Fauci had lived in China, he would not have been treated so unfairly.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have shown failure in tackling the epidemic. More than 1 million US citizens lost their lives because the White House could not fulfill the policies to combat the epidemic set by Fauci. Fauci had previously said that the current government would resign during his term. The conscientious discomfort caused by the failure of his efforts and the loss of many people's lives due to the epidemic may be the real reason behind Fauci's resignation request.

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