Higher Quota and Premium Features with Corporate Email


Corporate email; It plays an important role in communicating with managers, employees, customers, sponsors, suppliers and partners. A corporate email address is a private email used only for your business or company. Corporate emails, usually containing the company name, are given to all employees of a company and its affiliated departments. Although there are many free e-mail services available, companies using corporate e-mail can gain some recognition in the industry. Today, there are still companies that continue their business using a free e-mail address. However, this makes it difficult for companies to achieve a professional and reliable image. In the eyes of customers, this represents that they are dealing with an unprofessional company that is hesitant to invest. Therefore, an insecure image can be drawn in the sector. The reason for this is that anyone who wants to use free e-mail services can benefit from it as they wish. However, because corporate emails are specific to companies, they give confidence to potential customers.

Corporate emailIt can also be considered as a kind of advertisement. Because the company name is seen clearly in every contact and brand awareness increases. The population using the internet is increasing day by day. For this reason, it has become very difficult for people to get a professional-looking e-mail address using their full name. Even when you try to create an e-mail address with your name in popular and free e-mail services, you usually cannot get the e-mail address you want. Instead, you are faced with the automatically changed options of the e-mail address you want. It is possible to create a somewhat complex e-mail address with numbers added to the beginning or end of your name. However, such e-mail addresses do not give confidence to the users you communicate with in the corporate world. Therefore, you may not reach your goal of drawing a professional and reliable image. However, you can create a brand recognition with corporate email addresses.

What are the Advantages of Corporate E-Mail?

Corporate e-mail addresses are specially optimized to improve communication within the company. These e-mail addresses given to the employees and departments of a company can be created specifically for the names of the employees or the departments of the company. Corporate e-mail addresses can be exemplified as follows:


As in the example, the e-mail addresses containing the name and surname of the company employees, as well as the company name, have a very professional appearance. E-mail addresses created specifically for certain parts of the company not only create a professional image, but also facilitate communication within the company. Company managers can directly send an e-mail to an entire department via an e-mail with this format. Likewise, interdepartmental communication becomes easier.

A corporate email makes it easy to gain recognition in your industry online. Corporate e-mail addresses that become your identity on the Internet bring many advantages as well as a good image. E-mail addresses for businesses have features that will increase the efficiency of companies. Corporate e-mail addresses are compatible with mobile devices to facilitate account management. Extremely high-capacity corporate email addresses allow large numbers of messages to be stored. Thanks to its antispam and antivirus feature, it protects your company against viruses and spam mails. Thanks to the common file area feature, it provides maximum efficiency in internal communication. Companies using corporate e-mail increase their chances of surviving in the digital sector. Especially in sectors where competition is intense, options that offer such advantages should definitely be evaluated.

Superior Features of Corporate E-Mails

Corporate email addresses have many superior features besides reassuring customers and gaining recognition in the industry. In addition to its superior technical features, it improves communication within the company and increases efficiency. Companies using a corporate e-mail address can easily and quickly activate the e-mail addresses of new employees. In addition, processes such as closing the e-mail addresses of employees who have broken their ties with the company are also fast. Thus, while the communication process is facilitated for the newly recruited employees, there is no confusion about communication within the company. Corporate e-mail makes communication within the company easier to manage. There are many reasons that make corporate email addresses superior to regular email addresses. The features that make corporate mail superior are as follows:

High Storage Space

Corporate email addresses have high storage space. Natro X-Mail corporate email addresses allow more than 50 messages to be stored with 600.000GB of storage. In this way, concerns such as deletion or loss of messages that are important to the company are eliminated. With the customizable settings of corporate e-mail accounts, spam mails are not stored and thus, high-capacity storage space can be used more.

Anti-spam Protection

With anti-spam protection that prevents spam, messages that pollute corporate e-mail accounts can be stopped. With the anti-spam protection feature of XMail corporate e-mail accounts, messages in the spam category are blocked by 98.2%. Thus, spam and junk mail do not take up space in your messages. By preventing spam messages, the storage space of your corporate e-mail account can be used more efficiently.

Team work

Corporate e-mail, which greatly improves teamwork; It greatly improves efficiency within the organization with its common address book, file space and shareable calendars. It provides many advantages in terms of compatibility with corporate working life. Particularly, departments working in communication with each other can achieve higher efficiency by working in harmony with common file space and shared calendars.

Personal and Shared File Space

Thanks to the common file areas that are both private and accessible to employees, there is no need to store attachments on your devices. Uploaded files and e-mail attachments can be uploaded to the common file area and accessed by desired employees and departments. In this way, intra-company communication is facilitated, as well as time savings and higher efficiency can be achieved.

Mobile Sync

With the mobile synchronization feature of the corporate e-mail account, synchronization is provided between all your devices and applications. Messages, address books, and shared calendars can also be accessed via mobile devices. A superior mobile synchronization is achieved by using synchronization protocols such as CalDAV, CardDav and Active Sync. Thus, you can keep the address book and shared calendar synchronized on your desktop or mobile devices.

Corporate E-Mail Opportunity for Businesses at Natro!

Email for businessesis designed to meet the needs of companies with superior features. In corporate working life, you can gain a great advantage by improving teamwork and efficiency in your company. You can improve your company's credibility, awareness and professional image with a corporate e-mail account.

It's still not too late to open a corporate email account. First, you need a domain name that will best represent your company on the web. You should choose a domain name that reflects your business as simply and clearly as possible. With a simple and catchy domain name, your awareness in the industry will increase faster. After choosing your domain name, you can take advantage of corporate e-mail opportunities on In this way, you can easily create your identity on the internet and start to take the lead in corporate life. Do not forget that through Natro you can benefit not only from corporate e-mail opportunities, but also from various services such as domain and hosting.